The sciatic nerve or the longest nerve in the body lies at the back of the legs. Its beginning point is the butts, it decreases the legs, and it ends in the feet.

If this nerve gets inflammation, it triggers unbearable discomfort. The pain spreads out down the knee, over the ribs, even the back.

Furthermore, the discomfort is never rewarding, even though it depends upon the reasons for the inflammation and the person itself. Anyway, you can do numerous things to relieve the discomfort.

The most convenient way is to obtain drugs, however they do not deal with the primary cause, just lower the symptoms. However, you can deal with the root of the problem by utilizing natural options, treatments, and workouts.

Obviously, this way you relieve the tension, inflammation and the discomfort at the same time. Because of the excruciating pain, your life can be tough.

In short, a sensation of heavy legs, prickling, even tingling is how the discomfort feels. It can intervene with motion and sitting.

Those of you experiencing the sciatic nerve pain should have the ability to take 10 minutes of your day. There is a natural service that can help you, and the result depends upon the stage of your condition. It is crucial for you to follow the steps meticulously.

Treat Your Nerve 10 minutes Before Bedtime

  •  Take a bucket and fill it with water hot sufficient to be bearable
  • Put a handful of salt and 1 liter of apple cider vinegar
  • Mix it till the salt is melted
  • Soak your feet in the pail and keep them there till the water relaxes
  • When you take out your feet, dry them with a towel
  • Lastly, go to sleep and keep your feet warmed the entire night

You might take an extra blanket to cover your feet. The next day, do not walk barefoot, wear socks and slippers.

You need to feel the pain relief instantly, otherwise, you can repeat the treatment every day until sensation much better.

Source: Home and Health Magazine

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