With the arrival of the hot summer days our feet become exposed to views, and with it rises possible health problems. Under-nourished or even abandoned foot skin is nobody attractive, but an even greater aversion can cause fungal infection of the toes, soles and nails.

Whether it is about starting almost completely missing stage of infection or already advanced state of health, the problem for many is the reason for discomfort and hiding the feet of others’ views.

If you are among them, here are the good news: there are natural solutions with which your feet can easily, painlessly and efficiently restore a healthy appearance.The feet are the most common targets to two types of fungal infections – athlete’s foot and nail infections.

Sports or athlete’s foot

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The disease known as sport or athlete’s foot (lat. Tinea pedis) caused by several species of dermatophyte fungi can easily multiply in warm and humid conditions – sweaty socks and closed sports shoes.
This infection often occurs in athletes, hence her name and athlete’s foot.
Causing infection favors and walking barefoot in areas of high humidity where many more people (public showers, swimming pools, saunas and gyms).
In addition to athletes and individuals who increased sweating, become ill more often men since the summer often puts on shoes and closed shoes.
The first symptoms of a sports feet are dry and flaky skin, usually between the toes, soles of the feet or on the side of the foot.
If left untreated, may appear redness, stronger skin peeling, sores, itching and burning.
More serious forms of the disease are accompanied by wet blisters.
The fungus responsible for athlete’s foot can be extended to the nail and cause unpleasant changes.

Fungal nail infections – onychomycosis

Fungal nail infections – onychomycosis (lat. Tinea unguium) may also occur independently, without damaging the skin of the foot.
Cause the same dermatophytes as athlete’s foot, and mushrooms from the famous genus Candida and some mold.
The most common symptoms of onychomycosis are nail thickening and discoloration, usually in dirty yellow.
The texture and color of the nails begin to change from the bottom or the side edge and slowly progressing to the entire surface.
Severe cases usually in patients who suffer from chronic candidiasis, leading to extensive damage to the nails to become a fully dense, discolored and begin to crumble..
If left untreated, onychomycosis can cause inflammation of the skin under the nail in the vicinity and the appearance of pain.
The infection can manifest and discrete change in the nail, in the form of small white surface stains, that people often do not respond because it is not associated with fungi.
Onychomycosis are more susceptible to athletes, the elderly (due to poor circulation in the limbs), people with poor work of the immune system, patients with diabetes and psoriasis.
In the prevention and treatment of infection helps the frequent washing of socks, reinforced hygiene leg and thoroughly drying your feet after showering and bathing, especially between the toes.
Athletes and people who sweat more must be several times a day to change socks and shoes.
Sneakers and shoes is advisable well cleaned and dried and disinfected before reuse.

10 natural solutions against fungi on the feet

Health foot it is possible to maintain a strong natural products, which often already have at home, and to successfully prevent, suppress and heal fungal foot infections.

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1st Probiotics
Healthy microflora imbalance in the body can trigger fungal growth.
During treatment, it is recommended to supplement the diet with probiotic cultures as useful intestinal bacteria hinder the growth and spread of parasitic fungi and other microbes.
Also, lactobacillus – the bacteria that are an integral part of most of probiotics – a toxic effect on Candida.
It is desirable to avoid products with sugar (fruit yogurt) and additives.

2nd Tea
Ordinary tea (any type of domestic tea) contains tannic acid, which will directly affect the fungus, but the excellent dry out sweaty feet.
In a bowl pour a liter of boiling water and soak the five tea bags in 5 minutes.
Wait until the foot bath to cool to a comfortable temperature and immerse the feet for half an hour.

3rd Apple vinegar
Strong apple cider vinegar can be used locally and orally.
Every morning you can dissolve in a glass of water two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey and drink before breakfast.
You can also create a healing bath for the feet of the quality of apple vinegar.
Mix in 1 liter basin of hot water with half a cup of vinegar and allow it to cool to a comfortable temperature. Immerse your feet in the bath for at least half an hour and repeat the process twice a day.
Do not you have apple cider vinegar to soak the feet, use white vinegar in the same proportion, but you spend a bath twice a day, in the shorter term.

4th Lemon juice
Citric acid, with its antiseptic and antifungal properties, will help stop the spread of infection.
Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected area, leave on for about half an hour and rinse with warm water. Repeat several times a day.
Another form of administration is to mix equal proportions of lemon juice and olive oil and massage your feet.
The oil will soften the skin and juice to control fungal activity.
A glass of warm lemonade is the perfect way to start the day, it is very beneficial effect on the whole body, especially if you have a habit of regularly drinking.

5. Essential oil of lavender
Antifungal properties of lavender will help mild cases of athlete’s foot.
Apply every night before going to bed a few drops of lavender oil on your nails and feet and let it soak overnight.
For better effect, you can put on clean cotton socks.
Proceed with the application of oil, several weeks after the symptoms disappear, to prevent recurrence of the disease

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6. Orange essential oil
Orange oil is another vehicle for an antifungal action, which can be applied daily to the nails and surrounding skin to fight against onychomycosis.
Let the nail over the surface absorbs at least an hour.
Massage infected areas on the feet, dilute it with olive oil, in equal proportions.
Oil oranges and other citrus oils may cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.
Therefore, the first drop of oil test on the face or other sensitive areas on the body.

7. Essential oil oregano
Oregano (or oregano) plant has strong antifungal properties.
Mix a few drops of oil of Origanum vulgaricum with a spoon of olive or other base oil.
Spread on top of the infected nail and rub it into the skin.

8. Essential oil of tea tree
Antiseptic and antifungal properties of tea tree oil excellent work on fungal infections of the nails and skin of the foot.
Clean nails with alcohol and then directly to them drip tea tree oil and let it soak well.
After ten minutes, gently brush nails with a soft toothbrush.
When applying to the disease affected area of ​​the skin feet, tea tree essential oil, mix with olive oil or other basis, in equal proportions.

9. Coconut oil
Caprylic acid of coconut oil, one of the medium-chain fatty acid, has the capability of penetrating the cell wall of Candida and other fungi.
Without their protective walls, fungal cells decay and infection disappears.
A thin layer of coconut oil is applied on the affected area and leave for at least fifteen minutes.
Coconut oil is great for skin health and has no restrictions on the frequency of treatment.
Only make sure you are allergic, a small amount of oil first test on the sensitive part of the skin.

10. Oil Neem
Best known cure ayurvedic medicine, neem oil, with a number of other beneficial properties, it is effective against fungi.
Using cotton wool rub oil on clean and dry feet and wait until absorbed.
Fungal infections can be very persistent, but can be treated successfully by using these natural resources.
Discover therefore which of these tips for you the best and with his help put an end to this embarrassing problem.


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