Shigeaki Hinohara is a Japanese medical professional who is 104 old, has actually written 150 books and established the “New Elderly Movement”. Among his books is the bestselling “Living Long, Living Excellent’ in which he reveals the tricks to living a long and prosperous life and some valuable life lessons he’s discovered along the way.

Here are the most important things in life inning accordance with Dr. Hinohara

Be healthy and fit

His diet includes a tablespoon of olive oil every morning before breakfast, some orange juice and coffee as breakfast, milk and cookies for lunch and fish, veggies and rice for dinner. 2 times a week he consumes 100gr lean meat.

Do not follow blindly everything your medical professional states

Do your own research and inform yourself about the important health associated decisions in life, don’t just take your medical professionals’ suggestions and follow it blindly.

Simply science isn’t enough

Often we have to depend on nature instead of science as it might hold the answers to a few of the most crucial questions in life. We can’t expect science to be sufficient every time.

Plan ahead

Keep a hectic social life and always keep a schedule and plan all your future engagements. If you wish to be successful, you need to plan ahead.

Discomfort can be mystical

If you want to reduce your pain sidetrack your mind from it by doing something enjoyable and entertaining, like having fun with your animal or listening to music.

Happiness and positive ideas boost your energy

If you just sit at home or sleep all day, you shouldn’t be amazed you feel an absence of energy. Learn from the children and have more enjoyable in life, do things that make you happy, be active and you’ll feel energized.

Be motivated

You have to discover something that motivates you to move forward in life

Delight in every minute in life.

Dr. Hinohara states that he takes pleasure in every minute of every day in his life. He works a lot, 18h a day, he volunteers and returns to the society, he just feels satisfied.

Constantly take the stairs

Even at his age, Dr. Hinohara never uses the elevator, he climbs up the stairs, two steps at a time.

Don’t worry, be happy!

This is an old saying but the old physician enjoys it and follows it through. Life can sometimes be unforeseeable, bad things can take place and everyone can get disappointed. The main thing is that we shouldn’t let these things bring us down, we need to find happiness in the little things, enjoy ourselves and not let everything bother us.

Share your knowledge and understanding

Dr. Hinohara enjoys spreading his knowledge and wisdom to everybody who wants to listen. He gives 150 lectures every year in schools, universities, company neighborhoods and so on. He loves sharing his experiences and helping other people.

Cash can’t purchase joy

All of us need loan to make it through but at the end of the day we can’t utilize it to purchase joy or peace of mind. When we die and move to the other world we can’t take the material things with us.

Have a role model

You need to have someone to admire, a role model, in life. For the doctor it was his dad and each time he stumbled upon a trouble in life he would simply ask himself how would his father fix this issue.

Retirement is optional

If you enjoy exactly what you do and feel like you’re still able to do it why would you need to retire?


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