You have actually probably craved for sweet many times in the past. However, as long as it does not occur too often, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Specifically, there are individuals seem to have that chronic sweet tooth.

2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Up Your Body From Parasites And Reduces Fat Deposition

The craving for sweets may be an addiction, and the following 2 are the main reasons, stress and parasites in your body.

When you consume a lot of sugary things to fend off that food craving, you are producing conditions that build up excess mucous in your body, and this excess mucous is a perfect base for fungus and bacteria to reproduce and multiply.

That suggests that it zaps your energy, when you have parasites residing in your intestinal tracts prospering off the excess mucous.

In this scenario, you crave for anything sweet.


Moreover, the more parasites you have, the more fat is deposited in your body, since these awful parasites like to reside in fat deposits.


Once you eliminate these parasites, you will be amazed at how much more energy you will have!

Exactly what’s more, all you have to prepare the recipe that will assist you eliminate these parasites are two ingredients cloves, and linseed!



— 100 grams of linseed

— 10 grams of dried cloves


Method of preparation:


Grind these active ingredients into some type of grinder till you get a powder kind.



You may drink the powder with warmer filtered water, or you can add it to your breakfast. You need to take 2 tablespoons every early morning for 3 days.


After 3 days, take a 3- day break and start all over once again. You ought to do this for around a month. Additionally, in order to keep parasites away, you must repeat this cleaning treatment several times a year.


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