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3 Healthiest Groceries in the World

Health is all around us, you just have to know how to recognize it. These groceries although all we have often at home, still do not use them so often.

The World Health Organization set aside 3 groceries as healthiest in the world:

1. Honey

Its widespread application is known long time ago, so it is often used in the folk medicine.

It is used for:

– Against acids
– Heals wounds and burns
– Against allergy
– Against Infections
– Increases the body’s resistance to bacteria
– Improves digestion
– Strengthens the immunity
– Has antiseptic effect


2. Garlic

Regularly is cultivated in almost all gardens and is used as an additive in the food to enhance the flavor. Besides, the garlic has a strong healing effect.

It is used as:

– Natural antibiotic
– Strengthens the immunity
– Against fungi
– Acts anti-inflammatory
– Against viruses and bacteria
– Strengthens hair and restores skin cells
– It is used anti acne and pimples


3. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most precious groceries in the world and is used even where olives do not grow.

It is used for:

– Reducing a cholesterol
– To clean the body of toxins
– Against fungi and cold
– In case of problems with digestion
– Against diseases of the heart and blood vessels
– For gastric difficulties
– To regulate blood pressure
– For shine and regeneration of the hair
– For skin rejuvenation


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