Although aging is inescapable, the process can be postponed and prevented. Inning accordance with research, about one of every five individuals worldwide will suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s illness before they hit 70, and although there’s no remedy for this progressive mental disease, it’s effects can be managed.

According to a 1990 research study which examined 22 topics, the primary reason for the disease may be high homocysteine levels in the blood. The study was based upon the findings of one doctor in the 60s, who took a look at 2 unfortunate young boys whose brains were relied on mush. After thorough tests, the physician observed that the boys had something in common– the homocysteine levels in the blood were far over the allowed limitation. He concluded that this was the factor for their issues, however very few specialists paid much attention to these findings until the 1990 study.

Today, homocysteine is thought about among the significant factors for the development of Alzheimer’s illness and dementia, and is associated with cognitive decrease also. The 1990 study found out that a person in every six cases of Alzheimer’s can be attributed to high homocysteine levels. The compound is so damaging to our brain that it can trigger severe brain damage and cognitive decline as well.

The body can clean out the excess homocysteine from the blood, and it does so by using vitamins B6 and B12 as well as folate. However, nowadays we typically do not have a minimum of one of these nutrients. Research studies have been conducted on how these 3 nutrients work, but the outcomes weren’t very successful. They still offered some insight, however– a double-blind randomized controlled study showed that B vitamins can undoubtedly decrease the rate of cognitive decline and minimize the brain shrinking in patients with moderate cognitive disability. The brain atrophy is normal due to aging, however it’s extremely sped up in cases Alzheimer’s illness. So, the theory is that if we slow down the brain atrophy, we would have the ability to deal with the beginning of the illness.

2 years in the research study, the patients that were placed on B vitamins supplements had considerably lower levels of homocysteine in their blood and the rate of brain shrinkage was slowed down as well. The primary issue with these 3 important nutrients is that we hardly ever get much of them. People generally lack folate one of the most. The nutrient exists in green beans and green veggies which we consume less than previously, which results in folate shortage and cognitive decline.

The key is to obtain enough of all three nutrients in order to avoid the sped up brain shrinkage and Alzheimer’s disease. Inning accordance with scientists, taking in a plant-based diet plan can reduce the levels of homocysteine in your blood by 20% per week. Plants also contain a great deal of fiber, which can further raise the levels of folate in our blood. Additionally, by reducing the quantity of methionine in our blood, we can increase the production vitamins in our body and prevent cognitive decrease. If you’re wondering exactly what methionine is, it’s a precursor to homocysteine which can raise the levels of this hazardous substance.

Nevertheless, even people on a plant-based diet plan were found to have high homocysteine levels. The problem is that most of them were not getting adequate vitamin B12, while they were getting adequate fiber and folate. Vegans are more susceptible to hyperhomocysteinaemia (high levels of homocysteine in the blood) due to their low vitamin B12 consumption, which can be fixed by taking in foods such as soy-based meat options, fish, cereal or clams. By keeping the intake of all three nutrients at an optimum level, we will be able to prevent the accelerated brain shrinkage and secure ourselvesfrom the beginning of dementia and Alzheimer’s illness.


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