Nuts – a natural energy, and they perfectly restore power after severe diseases and stress. The nuts have almost all existing vitamins, they contain a lot of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The role of magnesium to your health is simply enormous, but unfortunately, it is not often found in the usual products. Magnesium decreases blood pressure and has a positive effect on the heart due to the fact that dilates blood vessels.

The recommended and absolutely safe intake of nutmeg and mace is not more than 0.1 grams per serving. In small doses, it is an excellent sedative. Enhances memory, nervous system, hair and treats heart disease, some benign tumors. Nutmeg strengthens the immune system, helps in the treatment of colds. It improves digestion and the circulatory system.
Nutmeg has a mild narcotic properties – small dose can cause heart palpitations, and too many – euphoria, hallucinations, nausea or death, so remember to be very careful with this spice and use it in very small quantities.

Eating peanuts affect the maintenance the optimum level of sugar in the bloodstream. For this reason, peanuts given in small quantities are useful for patients with various forms of diabetes. It is extremely useful in dealing with peanuts doldrums, because it contains tryptophan- natural amino acid, from which is synthesized in the body a special hormone, serotonin, uplifting and eliminate depression and phobias.

Pistachios have a tonic, restorative and invigorating effect, normalize the heartbeat, and the risk of heart disease, a positive effect on the liver and the brain. Help after serious diseases and during heavy exercise. Recommended for patients with anemia, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis.

The value of pine nuts in many ways is the presence in them a rich set of amino acids, many of which are unique and essential for the human being. Pine nuts meet the daily needs of amino acids in adults and rare and important micronutrients such as copper, manganese, cobalt and zinc. In general, these nuts are digested very well and the benefits are enormous for the human body. Especially useful pine nuts with immunodeficiency; allergic diseases; atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease; gastrointestinal disease including peptic ulcer and cholelithiasis.


It is unique in that it contains virtually all of the possible macro elements and vitamins that are needed by the body to complete the work. Brazil nuts are very high-calorie, but it is the only minus, which basically can be turned into a plus. Brazil nut has a rejuvenating effect, even in part, because it compensates for the deficiency of selenium, namely, selenium protects people from premature aging and cancer.

Almonds are useful for elevated cholesterol, diseases such as hypertension, obesity, tumors, diseases of the eye, ulcers and heartburn. Almonds with sugar helps the cough and asthma, and bitter almond is used for the treatment of diseases of women, diseases of the respiratory system and kidneys.

Hazelnut is very useful for chronic fatigue, diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, enlarged prostate and varicose veins. Due to the high calorific value and high content of vitamins it is useful for obese patients. Grated hazelnuts, raisins used to treat chronic anemia. One hundred grams of walnut cover the daily needs of human proteins.


Cashew is useful in depression, anemia, psoriasis, it also strengthens the immune system, helps the heart and reduces the cholesterol level.

Walnut useful for insomnia, has a positive effect on the liver, helps with nervous disorders and heart diseases, colds. It strengthens the immune system, is indispensable for the elderly and pregnant women. It helps the body to recover after surgery and severe illnesses.

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