It’s obvious that all toxics create a dump on the body. Toxics ruin the rhythm of its work, destroying metabolism and we are starting to feel bad. Therefore, it’s very crucial to start with cleaning the toxics from the body. There are different methods and techniques for detoxification from toxics in the body. The detoxification with rice is very simple but very useful and gives very good results.

After this detoxification pain in back, neck and joints will disappear

Method for detoxification of body with rice:

Take natural rice; take as many tablespoons as you have years, it means if you are 30 years old, take 30 tablespoons. After rinsing the rice, put it in the glassjar. Fill the jar with boiled water, close it and leave it in fridge. In the morning strain the water and take only one full tablespoon of the rice. Cook it for short period 3-4 minutes without salt (in the other, ordinary water, not from the jar). Eat the cooked rice on an empty stomach early in the morning. The remaining rice pours again with cooled boiled water and leave it until next morning in the fridge. Repeat this procedure every morning until there is rice in the jar.

Why this method has very good results. The secret lies in the crystalline structure of the rice seed. When seeds are watered, scratched are washed and cells are appear. The rice is digested not in the stomach but in the intestine so the seeds act as absorbent. With this detoxification the intestines, blood vessels, joints and other parts of the body are purifying from the toxins, metals and other dangerous substances. Detoxification the body with rice helps to normalize metabolism and regulates the overweight. Note: It is recommendable in the morning after taking the rice not to eat or drink for at least 3 hours. After this detoxification of the body, pain in the back, neck and joints will disappear and you will not only feel healthier but also younger.

It’s very important to know the effect of the method is not immediate but gradual. The detoxification starts after two weeks and you will notice it. Toxins will start to bail out through stool and urine. The color of the urine will change and will become blurred. Therefore it is necessary to drink water during the day.

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