Why often ill and difficult to heal?

Flu viruses are airborne infection. At any moment they can fly upon. There seasons that are more favorable for one or another type of virus, there seasons in which the organism is more susceptible to infection.

But there are people who very rarely get slightly ill and quickly recover.

Anyone can be one! Enough to make efforts for a healthy lifestyle!

A very important part of the diet is the adoption of indispensable, environmentally friendly and healthy foods. The food can be our medicine! Such foods are fruits of Aronia, which is made from beautiful and cold pressed juice with preservation of all nutrients. Of course, you should carefully read labels and look for manufacturers with proven quality of  fresh fruit.

Polyphenol compounds – flavonols, anthocyanins and catechins no artificial substitute. Daily we must accept a certain amount to maintain good health. They are necessary for the operation of each cell! In the human body anthocyanins have a strong antioxidant effect, which is more powerful than traditional antioxidants – vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene. The effect of anthocyanins at the cellular level has been studied in detail and know the exact biochemical reactions that are needed. Our body is exposed to many harmful influences (poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to harmful factors – smoking, alcohol, pollution, contaminated with chlorine water, radiation exposure from antennas, devices and phones), emotional stress and other. That maintained for years, leading to the accumulation of specific molecules (cytokines), which activate and retain the oxidative processes in cells (oxidative stress of the cell) is fully .Promenya exchange of carbohydrates and lipids. So gradually damaging many tissues and organs – the walls of blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, stroke brain or heart attack. Very often damaging chemical laboratory of the man – the liver (fatty liver disease develops and cirrhosis). Such organism is susceptible to viral infections. All this can be prevented by reducing food intake as a whole (to reduce weight healthily) and add the necessary biologically active substances contained in aronia. Aronia favorable effect on the metabolism of the human body, but it is disastrous for the exchange of viruses and bacteria that enter it “uninvited”. A special class of Bioflavonoids support “combat readiness” of immune cells – neutrophils and macrophages, which quickly deal “in place” to enter infection. Another class of bioflavonoids supports immune cells lymphocytes and they synthesize and give the body’s antibodies to cope otherwise infection. These processes for neutralization of bacterial and viral agents develop in minutes, often for hours, so we should have available the necessary materials for the work of our cells.


On the other hand through the fruit (juice) of aronia we supply your body the vitamins and trace elements, without which effective operation of natural cellular antioxidant systems (enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase); The high content of vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and bioflavonoids are important exogenous antioxidants. They respond directly without the mediation of enzymes free radicals. Therefore, I emphasize again, the daily intake of 50 ml of aronia juice is a must for proper nutrition and disease prevention!

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Chemical composition of fruits chokeberry is well studied by modern analytical technologies. It is the content of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K and P . Sufficient quantities of trace elements potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, and record amounts of manganese and molybdenum. The high content of iodine in the fruit (especially the casing) is important for iodine deficiency states and for the growing organism. From sugars fructose and contains little more sorbitol, which has a natural laxative and diuretic effect. This makes the juice produced by cold pressing, suitable for people suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The medical scientific literature there are over 250 scientific studies aronia involving several directions:

– Separation and identification of all biologically active molecules in the juice of chokeberry;

– The monitoring of the effect of the intake of chokeberry juice in experimental models of different diseases in experimental animals, usually mice.

– Examining the effect of the juice on cell cultures of various types of malignancies;

-study the effects of the juice on the cellular metabolism and cellular genome in experimental gulturi;

-Limited number of studies in humans with various diseases.

Studies have been carried out by scientists in Poland, France, USA, Romania, Bulgaria and Japan. So they are proven, known since antiquity protective health effects from taking aronia juice. Today we them Summarizing such as antimutagenic (anticancer), protect the heart (cardioprotective) protects the liver from damage (hepatoprotective) protects the stomach from ulcers and gastritis (gastroprotective), anti-inflammatory, proven antimicrobial effect protection in radiation, improving utilization (utilization of tissues and cells) for sugar in diabetes mellitus – 2 diabetes.

Therefore aronia juice is recommended as functional food with a health mark (and not a food additive) in almost all chronic diseases, as well as in the recovery period after severe injuries, surgery and during chemotherapy. Leading and most important for each person must be the effect of disease prevention. As with the selection of natural, natural prepared foods and by taking useful and healthy food.


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  1. Thanks for your great post about the amazing properties of aronia.
    We need to spread the word about it to educated consumers who can be hesitant at times.
    Where can I get the aronia juice illustrated in the picture?

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