Although the breast cancer in men appears 100 times less than in women, the insufficient education for this disease can lead to a late diagnosis and development of the complications that at the end leads the men to life danger.


In many cases, if it appears, the men keep quiet about it. They are embarrassed by this.
Many of these men diagnosed with breast cancer are embarrassed because, traditionally, breast cancer is considered to be only female disease. In one small study, published in the American Journal of Nursing in 2010, 80% of participants were not introduced that men can get breast cancer, too.


The risk of breast cancer in men is one of 1000 men, and the symptoms and risk factors are similar as in women. The age, the family history of breast cancer, the mutation of a specific gene as well as the lifestyle, such as excessive alcohol consumption, are symptoms that increase the risk of breast cancer in men. The treatments, including chemotherapy and mastectomy are similar to those in women.

The risk of death from the disease in men is significantly greater because of the fact that men do not routinely checks for breast cancer. Doctors note that the time when men come, the tumor usually has a size of at least 1 cm and cancer is already in advanced stage.


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