A church leader just recently had his arm whipped by a lion after running to them in an effort to show that the ‘Lord’s power over the wild animals’.

Alec Ndiwane, a Zion Christian Church prophet, was assaulted viciously while on a safari journey aiming to show that God can conserve him in front of his group of church members. He fell into a hypnotic trance and spoke in numerous various languages prior to going to a pride of lions delighting in the carcass of an impala in South Africa’s Kruger National forest.

As the male was rapidly approaching the pack, they took a look at him as a victim and organized up for him to attack.

– Zion Church member Alec Ndiwane wished to reveal God would conserve him

– He ‘fell under a hypnotic trance began speaking in tongues prior to charging at pride’

– Lions chased him and among them secured down on his butts

– He stated: ‘I have no idea exactly what came to me. Were we not provided rule over all animals of the earth?’

– Park authorities state they are not knowledgeable about any such occurrence happening

When he concerned an awareness that the Lord wasn’t going to step in, he began to run back to the automobile, however, it wasn’t too long prior to among the lions had actually bit him in the butt. His life was conserved from more injury and death when among the video game rangers fired shots att the lions to repel them, it was reported by GhanaWeb.

He stated:

“I do not know what came over me. I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth.”

Mr. Ndiwane was quickly hurried to a neighboring medical facility for emergency situation surgical treatment to sew up his injuries and released in the future.

The representative for Kruger National forest, William mabasa, has actually mentioned that park authorities aren’t knowledgeable about the circumstance that happened within the park. ‘It would have been reported to us if any of our rangers had actually participated in this event as reported.’


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