The large intestine is an essential organ for controling water balance in the organism, supporting the digestive procedure and boosting the immune system. The large intestine has an important connection with the elimination of toxic substances.


But the efficiency of the colon can be interrupted by food with bad dietary value and low in vitamins. They can decrease the digestive process as much as 70 hours (the typical procedure takes 24 Hr). Slowing the digestion procedure will increase waste build-up in the body.

Irregularity is among the signs of accumulated trash in the body. Waste accumulation in the body not only produces constipation, however also a variety of other issues, such as urinary system conditions, vaginal infections, immune system shortages, bad mood, depression, till the pain in the joints and digestion system.

A dish dubbed “The Master Cleanser” was developed by Stanley Burroughs in 1940. The procedure of cleaning the body by this recipe can take up to 16 days!

-3 dl of filtrated water
-1/10 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder
-2 tbsp of organic maple syrup
-1/2 fresh lemon juice
How to prepare:
Mix all ingredients and mix usage 8 times a day. Do this treatment till a minimum of 10 days. Important oils can also be utilized because they have a high nutrient material that can be quickly assimilated at the cellular level.
-10 drops of mint oil. You can likewise utilize lemon oil.
-Juice of 1 lemon fresh natural.
Integrate all ingredients with 2.5 dl of water. Take in the mix for 2 weeks. This treatment is highly recommended to get rid of all the toxic waste from your body.



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