Тhe destruction of the tooth’s outer surface is known as a tooth decay (dental cavities). The main reason for its appearance is the bacteria that live in the plaque. Plaque is the sticky substance that is forming on the teeth. But there are some natural remedies that can prevent the cavities. The research made by The Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland has proven that those bacteria guilty for the appearance of the dental cavities can be destroyed by using coconut oil which also can improve your dental health.

How does coconut oil prevent cavities naturally?

The cavities prevention by coconut oil is by withering a yeast that is known as candida albicans and which enables dental diseases. The appearance of the yeast is contributed mostly by a diet that contain processed food and sugar. Candida infection also can lead to digestive problems. The scientists try to analyze closer the effects of natural and digested coconut oil on the common bacteria strains inside the mouth, including S. mutans, which is the major culprit related to tooth decay. In their report, the researchers report that the enzyme-modified coconut oil could be “an effective alternative to chemical additives” in most dental health care products.

The leading researcher, Dr. Damien Brady, said, “Dental bacteria is a commonly overlooked health problem affecting 60-90% of children and the majority of adults in industrialized countries. Incorporating enzyme-modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives, particularly as it works at relatively low concentrations. Also, with increasing antibiotic resistance, it is important that we turn our attention to new ways to combat microbial infection.”

Coconut oil helps in absorption of the calcium in the body which in turn makes your teeth stronger.

As the coconut oil has the property to absorb the heavy metals in the body, it is also very helpful for the health of your gums and even teeth whitening.


What you can do to prevent cavities naturally using coconut oil (Recipe)

Take a spoon of coconut oil and keep it around in your mouth for approximately 15-20 minutes. Spit it out and after that brush your teeth. Do this several times a week and your teeth will become whiter. This process is known as oil pulling.

Oil pulling is scientifically proven that significantly reduce the problematic Streptococcus mutans bacteria. Global Healing Center states:

“Another study (published in the African Journal of Microbiology Research), conducted in 2008 found a “remarkable reduction in the total count of bacteria” in the mouth, and an overall marked reduction in susceptibility dental cavities. The antibacterial activity of sesame oil was also studied and found to have an effect on the Streptococcus mutans in the mouth. In fact, these studies showed an overall reduction of bacteria from 10 to 33.4 percent in participants, and after 40 days of oil-pulling, participants were found to show 20 percent in average reduction in oral bacteria.”

So, the multiple studies have shown that intake of coconut oil can help in the prevention of tooth decay and on a healthy way without any potential side effects.

Source: http://livingtraditionally.com/

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