Five days will be enough to get rid of unpleasant headaches and to cure sinusitis


With the arrival of the colder days many of us become to frequent susceptibility to infections including inflammation of the sinuses accompanied by severe pains. Sinusitis is followed by headaches or tension at the top of the nose, above the eyebrows or cheek. Try to reach for a natural solution that we are presenting below.

The best ally in the fight against the sinusitis is – horseradish. Grate it, put it in a jar and pour over with apple vinegar, then seal it well. The mixture hold ten days at room temperature, stirring occasionally.

After 10 days, open the jar several times per day and inhale deeply the horseradish smell for five minutes. At night soak a scarf in the same liquid and tie it over the forehead, or put it at the nape. The treatment takes five days, sufficiently to get rid of the unpleasant headaches.


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