Many people have been eating nightshades and they didn’t know what about its classification. The nightshades foods are popular and many people are eating this foods and it also can cause inflammation. What is type of veggies and fruits people should know and avoid from nightshades?

The Dangers of Nightshades Why Eating the Wrong Fruits and Vegetables Can Make Pain Worse

When people talk of nightshades, they often talking of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. Those foods are belongs to solanaceae families of plant with hundred up to thousands of species. This plants have been known as popular foods and can cause inflammation because it contain of solanine. Based on some research from scientist, this food compound of solanine which can be cause irritation in the gastro intestinal tract. They are goji berry, Indian ginseng, ashwaganda, blueberries and huckleberry which do not belong to this group but it have alkaloids with inflammation effects. According to scientist report that solanine can cause serious irritation and when this solanine move to the blood system, it can destroy human red blood-cells. Many research has examine solanine type as acety-cholinesterase as good inhibitor. It will not allow neurotransmitter or acetycholine or ACH from break down. It mean when people consume this plant, it will be excess accumulate of ACH level in nerves receptor. It will cause excess ACH stimulation receptor and stimulate parasympathetic in the nervous system.

When solanine entry to human body, it is difficult to eliminate because solanine didn’t dissolve in the water. They also could not broken down/destroy during cook times. Solanine didn’t break down in the human body and solanine should be converted into alpha solanine in the human body before it is excreted. It compound of alpha solanine but neurotoxin. All foods have alpha solanine and more than form of neurotoxins include atropine and nicotine.


Arthritis and nightshades
It is important to know that arthritis have been found to be aggravated and caused by nightshades. Some researcher has been found that if people suffer from three types of arthritis, nightshades can be worse. It have been proven at least by three form of diseases. Some researcher are also come to conclusion that there are many misdiagnose of arthritis with similar effect and caused of nightshades. So, arthritis could be actually arthritis caused by eating nightshades foods. Researcher has been found that alkaloid can impact to human body metabolism. Some scientist has been difficult to find underlying cause of nightshades food can break down calcium level in the human bones, cause to accumulate soft tissue in the human body. Because of this condition, there is some reason why people should not consume or eat these nightshades foods, as follows;
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Joint disorder


Dr, F Childer Norman who found the arthritis nightshades research-foundation said that diet contain nightshades to play role in the etiology arthritis. It has been studied in the last twenty years survey that covered more than one thousand four hundred people. According to his plants belong to nightshade/solanaceae families are critical in arthritis cause for people who are sensitive. Alkaloid-tropane has been found in the same cause behind people reaction who is sensitive to solanaceae compound. I have stopped eating nightshades food and Dr childer recommendation in my diet program. It has been shown positive result on my health. I have started anti nightshades campaign in the 2006 and stop eating nightshades foods. It was ten years ago when my private doctor said and asked me that I was suffer from airways diseases. I need inhaler daily and reduced to use inhaler during initial-days. Today, I have noticed that I didn’t use inhaler for two weeks and there is no problem. Now, I didn’t need all of them. There was amazing health benefits after stop consume nightshades foods for three months. All weakness in the knee and legs are vanished. People who sufer from arthritis must avoid solanaceae families plants include for people who suffer from lupus, rheumatism, musculoskeletal system. The nightshades foods ca be affected in human health in various ways.

Here are nightshades list should be avoided as follows;
-Goji berry
-Garden huckleberry
-Pepino melon
-Homeopathic belladonna
Soy sauce with GMO soy beans

It is healthier and safer to buy Braggs amino acid at local health store from soy sauce with fermented naturally. The spring water is another ingredients and will give you good taste soy sauce without chemical and harmful ingredient.

Harmful Ingredients
It is recommended to avoid this ingredients and product below;
-Homeopathic remedy with belladonna/lethal nightshade
-Day jasmine, angel, chalice vine and edible flower
-Prescription medicine with potato starch
-Topical medicine with capsicum/cayenne pepper
-Sleeping pills with atropine and scopolamine
-Potato starch with baking powder
It is important to read label carefully and avoid nightshades foods that make use generic term for seasoning/spices. The generic should be easily hide all foods that people are eating. When people want to examine/find out all nightshades reach in the human body, they should take three month challenges and stop eating all nightshades foods for three months. It is important also to check list above of these foods and start read label of all processed food, prescription over the counter or OTC medication and homeopathic. If people are taking medication, it is recommended to discuss all ingredients with specialist pharmacist and specific health manufacturer. People should re introduce nightshades food after three months and only take one nightshades. Notice id there is serious weakness, aches, stiffness, respiratory, headaches and pain issue. People will notice all health benefits after start remove all nightshades foods from their plates.

Cost of pain
According to institute of medicine national academy report in June, 2011 more than one hundred sixteen million adult population in America suffer from various kind of pain/day. Many people suffer from pain than people who suffer from diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. All pain treatment cost come up to $635 billion and it can be formed in disability, wages, and loss of productivity.


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