Among the essential body parts that must be kept tidy, warm and safe all the time is the human foot.

And with the help of an onion you can cleanse your whole body, and in this post, you will check out that useful and truly reliable technique.

Onion is actually reliable when it pertains to cleansing the body due to the fact that it increases the blood flow and it has anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties. When it permeates into the blood stream, it will cleanse the blood.

Here is exactly what you will have to do:

Start with cutting the onion on pieces when the juice from them appears then you must position the pieces on your feet and to cover it with foil, and to place on socks. You must do this prior to going to sleep and you must remove it in the next early morning.

The very best choice is to utilize wool socks since that way you will not handle any undesirable smell and the foil will keep the covering consistent and it will be securely connected to your feet.

So location some onions on your feet and place on wool socks prior to you falling asleep. If you saw that your skin is too conscious onions, then on your feet prior to putting the onions, you must use almond oil or oily cream.

You ought to remove the socks in the next early morning along with the onion. After that, you will have to clean your feet with cold water and after that to put wool socks once again in order to warm them, which is when your blood will begin to distribute quickly.


This treatment is specifically suggested to individuals that experience diabetes and bad flow, however even healthy individuals need to be complimentary to utilize this treatment. It is likewise suggested if you have a fever, influenza or pneumonia to utilize this treatment.

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