There is no doubt that coffee is really useful for your body, but you should not drink it on an empty stomach, specifically in the early morning.

The intake of a cup of black coffee on an empty stomach causes the release of hydrochloric acid inside your digestion tract. If you already deal with gastritis, then you have actually undoubtedly experienced this.

The acid functions as a “violation” of the food in our stomach. When you consume something “heavy”, it can cause problems with food digestion, because it would cause a challenging food digestion of proteins.

When proteins are not completely broken down, it can cause other issues such as swelling of the bowel, bloating, inflammation as well as cancer of the colon.

For these factors, experts alert that coffee needs to never ever be consumed in the early morning when you awaken. The factor is that the coffee will increase the level of cortisol really rapidly and the body will take a long time to go back to its typical state. This hormonal agent manages our biological rhythm and the capability to stay awake.

Moreover, the usage of coffee on an empty stomach will increase the level of acid in the stomach, which can result in bloating and throwing up.

For that reason, you ought to consume coffee an hour after awakening. It implies that you need to eat something before, even if it was only a slice of bread.

If you’re the kind of person who can not begin their day without a cup of coffee, then there is another technique you can utilize to reduce the hazardous results: add a little milk or butter in your coffee.


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