Cancer is a disease that is considered as incurable disease. This is a general perception in the medical world, but this assumption is unlikely to last long as the use of natural resources can become cancer treatment solution that actually has a big potential that was never imagined before. Recently, a cancer patient stated that he had been cured of cancer due to the consumption of honey routinely and regularly.

Ante Kresich, a lung cancer patient from Croatia, said that he had been cured of cancer by eating honey. Kresich has a wide range of documentation proving his claim. This event occurred 13 years ago. Now, Kresich is still recovering and he states that he just ate honey and some plants. Kresich is now sharing his experience to all people who come from all over the world, inspiring them that cancer patients do not need to be frustrated and abandon their faith in what have been provided by nature.

Kresich distributes treatment prescription to everyone who comes to him. He wants what happened to him (the healing of cancer), may also be experienced by other cancer patients.

Honey was known as a healing food since hundreds of years ago. Honey is often an important part in traditional medicines. Honey is one of the most popular natural remedies. Honey has a high durability, in the tomb of Tutankhamun; the researchers found honey estimated aged more than 3000 years old. Honey is also known as a wound cure. Ancient Romans and Greeks used honey to heal wounds in the midst of battle.

Honey is also an important part of various religious cults, and traditional embalming processes.

At one time, honey was considered as the exclusive food for the nobility. Kresich and some others recommend a combination of honey with some spices, such as pine, ginger and other plants to cure cancer. However, this therapy is not approved by the medical world.

You can cure cancer by using natural ingredients

In this article, you will be given a link telling a cancer treatment that uses honey therapy. Visit


In the above link, you will find a story about a Bosnian woman who was also recovering from cancer endocrine therapy thanks to honey and ginger. Surprisingly, he managed to recover without doing any chemotherapy. She shared her recipe therapy, and this is the recipe:

  1. Prepare some ginger roots
  2. Grind ginger roots until smooth and mix with ½ kg of honey.
  3. Make sure you only use organic honey.
  4. Drink the drug solution at a dose of 3-4 times a day. Use one tablespoon in each consumption time.

You can see a significant change in just four days. Do not use metal spoons and all the cutlery made of metal. Use only tableware made of plastic and wood. Just as doing medical therapy, depression is something that should be avoided because it can affect the healing process. With honey in your hand, you still have a hope even if you are sentenced to suffer a dangerous cancer.



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