• Dolphin: the nature and benefits of communicating with dolphins

Dolphin therapy corrects the emotional and psychological state of children. Dolphin therapy is a non-traditional alternative method of therapy based on the patients communicate with dolphins.

These are the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, has long symbolized strength, safety, rescue, freedom, speed, love and pleasure.

Dolphin- Dolphins treat people

Dolphin therapy: the nature and benefits of communicating with dolphins

Dolphin – is the section animal therapy, the mainstay of treatment of which is direct contact between sick people and dolphins. The main objective of the correctional, rehabilitation and therapeutic methods is to eliminate the painful departures and provide a positive impact on the emotional, psychological and physiological processes in the body.

Dolphin Therapy aims to achieve the following results:

• Receive positive emotions;
• Increased self-esteem;
• Sensory-motor, physical and utterance development;
• Exit isolation;
• Encouraging the development of interest in the outside world;
• Restores missing emotions;
• Stress, illness, physical or emotional stress.
To learn how to treat dolphins, show the impact of these two types of mammals on the sick people:
• The physiological mechanism that consists of relaxation, vibro-acoustics, ultrasonic and reflex therapy dolphin per person;
• The psychological mechanism, which is based on games and chat with a dolphin.

Dolphins treat people after they published some ultrasonic waves, a kind of motor activity and communication.

What diseases are treated Dolphins: indications and contraindications for the dolphin

Dolphin shows good results in speech and hearing disorders. Dolphin therapy has proven effective in the following diseases:

• ICP, RDA, Down’s syndrome;
• Disorders of hearing and speech;
• Delay of mental, verbal and mental development;
• Memory Disorders;
• Muscle fatigue;
• Neuroses, post-traumatic stress.

Dolphin has some contraindications, for example, it should not be used in patients with epilepsy, infections or skin diseases, and oncology. Significant additional assistance in improving the physical and emotional state has a dolphin therapy for cerebral palsy, during which the child calms down, relaxes and gradually improving verbal and physical development.

Dolphin in the neuroses and depressive disorders also showed excellent results. The effectiveness of this technique is due to the presence of unique abilities that make dolphins treat depression, apathy, insomnia, after a few sessions.

Excellent results showed dolphin therapy in disorders of memory, when, after contact with these animals the patient showed an increased concentration, activation of thought processes and increase mental performance.

A lot of facts testify, whether the Dolphins treat disease in humans. One of it is the use of the dolphin to two children with RDA. Already after a few sessions they conducted showed an increase sociability, friendliness, positive and curious attitude to the world and to focus on certain tasks.

The main areas of the dolphin are:

• Diagnostic direction in which contact with the dolphin ill patient is free and is implemented with a minimum of other people;
• Corrective direction. In this case, the patient contact with the animal occurs in conjunction with a specialist, where a decision is scheduled psycho, psychoprophylactic and other tasks.

Dolphin Dolphins treat people

Dolphin therapy for children

Dolphin therapy is very useful for children suffering from certain intractable diseases. More often resorted to this method in the following cases:

• When speech and hearing disorders
• Presence of cerebral palsy,
• RDA,
• Down’s syndrome.

Trained dolphins can immerse sick little patients into the world of tactile contact and general sensitivity of ultrasound exposure. Communication, activities and games with these intelligent mammals are helpful to develop and improve motor, speech and motor abilities of the child, have a positive effect on the nervous central system, strengthen the immune system and develop a muscular corset.

Dolphin therapy for children with speech and hearing disorder helps them to increase their voice capabilities to partially restore hearing to gain confidence, relieve stress and stabilize mood.

Dolphin therapy for children with cerebral palsy can lead to excellent positive results. With each session conducted in children with cerebral palsy communicate with dolphins is lots of positive emotions and improve their overall by the visual, emotional and tactile contact. In addition, children gradually begin to develop speech and motor skills, improves fine motor skills, relax and exercise certain muscle groups.

Dolphin therapy for children with infantile autism and Down syndrome, along with Canistherapy, has found wide application in zoo medicine. This technique is intended to accomplish the following mainobjectives:

• Change anxiety, aggression, anger, fear and indifference increased activity, curiosity, kindness, confidence and attainment of other positive qualities and feelings;
• To help improve relations in society;
• Pull out of isolation;
• Get rid of the communication difficulties;
• To strengthen the muscles and improve the function of internal organs.

Reviews dolphin prove salutary effect on the animals sick. Communication with these unique mammals really normalizes the heart function, give peace of mind, improve sleep, and improve mood and performance.

Children with physical and neurological disorders marked increase concentration, improve memory and physical condition, they become more sociable, relaxed, kind and sympathetic.

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