The Japanese have a habit of drinking water in the early morning on an empty stomach. This ancient tradition can get rid of numerous conditions and became popular throughout the second World War after being published in a popular Japanese newspaper. It’s not like they’re doing it for no factor at all– the routine provides numerous health advantages which have actually been confirmed by numerous clinical research studies.

Experts state that drinking water on an empty stomach can alleviate cardiovascular problems, headaches, unusual heart rhythm, high cholesterol levels, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, urinary system infections, digestion problems such as diarrhea and gastritis and eye, ear, nose and throat problems too.

To perform this amazing therapy, all you need to do is drink four 200 ml. glasses of water after getting up from bed. Later on, you can clean your teeth and have your breakfast at least 45 minutes afterwards. You need to also prevent consuming anything for 2 hours after eating.

Naturally, not everybody can gulp down that much water in the early morning. Those who cannot ought to begin with a glass and slowly increase the dose up until you get to 800 ml. of water in the morning. The approach is extremely effective and can enhance your health on lots of levels.

According to professionals, the water therapy can normalize high blood pressure in a month, treat gastritis in about 10 days, diabetes in thirty and constipation in 10. The approach must become your primary morning routine, and you will profit soon.

1. Drink 4 x 160 ml of water instantly after waking up, even prior to brushing teeth.
2. Now you can brush your teeth, however do not consume yet anything for another 45 minutes.
3. After 45 minutes you may eat usually.
4. After eating breakfast, lunch and dinner do not consume or consume anything for another 2 hours.
5. Those unable from sickness or age to drink 4 glasses of water can gradually increase the material bit by bit every day.
6. People who practice this routine will treat above mentioned illness and delight in the full advantage of healthy life.

Listed below we will describe the list of days it requires to practice this regular for treating particular sort of diseases:

1. Stomach– 10 days
2. High blood pressure– One Month
3. Constipation– 10 days
4. TB– 90 days
5. Diabetes– One Month

Clients with arthritis need to practice this treatment only for 3 days the very first week, and continue daily from next week.

This treatment method has no adverse effects, however at the beginning of treatment you may need to urinate a couple of times. It is much better if we continue this and make this treatment as a regular work in our life.

Drink Water and Stay healthy and Active.



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