This recipe is an unusual story. Sam PP Foris was long suffering from a stomach ulcer. He tried repeatedly to mend with everything. One day, in a sanatorium in Palanga, he meets a doctor named Lozenas, who says him this recipe.

Tincture “elixir of life” can be used in almost all diseases, if you are allergic to components of the drug. This tincture cleanses and refreshes the blood, helps with heart failure, hypertension, epilepsy, neurosis, reduces inflammation and helps to return to daily activities.

Recipe: Take 100 grams of dried wormwood, yarrow, plantain and dry pine young buds. Mix together in a bowl and cover with 3 liters of clean water, put on low heat until starts to boil. Container to pull the fire cover and remains 6-8 hours (at night) to soak.

In the morning strain the broth through several layers of gauze and add 100 grams of freshly prepared aloe juice.

To do this you need to take three to a five year old aloe, cleared the pins to grind and drain the juice through gauze.

The trickle infusion added 1 kg is put on the heat and allow it to boil while. The vessel is removed from the heat, cover and leave for 5-6 hours (overnight).
On the morning in the infusion, add 100 g Befungin – mushroom extract chaga, (can be found in pharmacies), 0.5 liters of brandy and natural honey 1 kg.
They stir, pour into glass bottles. The bottles are wrapped in opaque paper or cloth and leave for 5 days at room temperature to ripen tincture “elixir of life”.
After the fifth day the bottles are stored in the refrigerator and can be used.
If the tincture is made according to the description can be stored in the refrigerator for years and does not lose its healing properties.

"ELIXIR OF LIFE"- tincture for stomach ulcer


From tincture take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals.

Pain stop after 3-4 days after you’ve started to use tincture. While returning appetite and sleep, soothe the nerves and increases efficiency. The treatment should be 3 liters tincture “elixir of life”.

This effectively means you have to have in your fridge!

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