With a continuous and correct care, gardens can represent little paradises in the world. Yet, garden enthusiasts understand that this is not a simple job, and weeds are their worst problem.

They damage the plants and they are exceptionally challenging to remove.

Yet, an expert garden chose to share 6 fantastic suggestions which will assist you to fix this typical problem and delight in the appeal of your garden:


Vinegar is high in acetic acid, which is a powerful natural herbicide, and it draws wetness from the leaves, however, do not spray it anywhere on the plant other than there.

Boiling Warm water

Put a kettle or pot of boiling warm water onto the weeds, around the crown of the plant. This will ruin them for great.


After your plants are grown, spray some cornmeal to avoid weed seeds from sprouting.

Eliminate Manually

This is the most typical technique, and it is reliable. Loosen up the soil with a trowel, then pull the weed out. Use gardening gloves to avoid replacement of the seeds.


To dehydrate the weeds, spray salt onto them. Yet, do not utilize excessive of it, as it may harm your plants if it interferes with the balance of the soil. You must blend some salt with water in a 3:1 salt, and spray on the weeds just.


To avoid weed seeds from sprouting and growing, utilize mulch to avoids the sunshine from reaching the soil. This will likewise avoid weed seeds from participating in the soil.

Source: tiphero

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