The bloated belly and how we feel mostly at the end of the day is a problem that many women struggle. If you want quickly and easily to get rid of the swelling and to look best on the Christmas or New Year party, we give you 24 tips for 24 hours before the party, by which you will maximum “flatten” the belly.

1. Start the day with ginger tea. It will speed up digestion and prevent swelling of the stomach.

2. Instead of breakfast, make an omelet of eggs whites.

3. Eat a banana. It is rich of potassium, which regulates water retention in the body.

4. Form the diet, discard the onion, artichokes, corn, cauliflower, kale, chard, spinach, mushrooms. These products are healthy but cause bloating.

5. Forget the chewing gums, by chewing you are swallowing air that swells the stomach.

6. Avoid sweets and energy chocolates containing cereals and sweeteners.

7. Enjoy dishes with parsley, because it is a strong diuretic and regulator of the digestion.

8. Enjoy in the dark chocolate which contains 70 percent or more cocoa.

9. During the day eat more small meals on every 3 to 4 hours. It will stimulate digestion.

10. Eat slowly. So you swallow less air, and well chewed food will digest faster.

11. Replace the juices with lemon water. Drink plenty of water because the lemon is a strong diuretic, and hydration accelerates the metabolism.

12. Avoid drinking through a straw because thus you swallow more air.

13. Avoid sweet and fizzy drinks. The bubbles and the sugar are the worst combination for your stomach.


14. Replace the white bread and pasta with those of the whole grain, because they are rich in fiber that are essential to digestion.

15. Avoid greasy foods because is difficult for digestion.

16. Beware of alcohol, at least until the party, because it can disrupt the intestinal flora and cause bloating.

17. At least 15 minutes use for walking. It will speed up the metabolism.

18. During the day, drink another tea of ginger and cinnamon.

19. Skip the milk and cheese because they can cause bloating in adults.

20. Drink probiotic which is full of good bacteria that regulate the digestion.

21. A day earlier, skip the dinner or let it be sooner and a lot easier.

22. Make a bath with a spoon of bitter salt. Magnesium in the bitter salt stimulates the perspiration by which you will threw out the liquid from the body.

23. Beware of salty food. Salt retains water in the body.

24. If you are hungry, nibble almonds. They will not cause bloating, but will make you saturated.

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