Onion is well known with its usage as skin cleanser, blood purifier and bacteria killer.

But onion can be useful also in the case of disturbed thyroid.

A doctor from Saint Petersburg – Igor Knjazkin has written a recipe for thyroid gland treatment that is based on red onions.

His method recommends just before going to sleep to cut up a red onion in half, thus that from each half of the onion can flow its juice.

Then use this cut up onion to massage the neck around the area of the thyroid gland by using light circular motions.

Go into bed without previous neck washing so that the onion juice can become effective during the night. So, the onion juice will naturally enable the thyroid gland function.

After that, put in each sock a slice of onion and sleep!

Have you heard of this trick?

It is well known that the onion is very useful in skin cleansing, bacteria killing, and the phosphoric acid goes into the bloodstream and magically helps in purifying the blood.

The folk medicine points the following effects of the onions:

  •  Purify the blood
  • Kill bacteria and pathogens
  • Purify the air



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