Today a lot of talk and write about the term “healthy food and proper nutrition,” apparently because it largely depends on our health.

Undoubtedly, the degree of quality of food and its health values, spliced ​​place belongs to grains and fruits. Just behind them on quality vegetables. And a third group, at least quality food is meat.

Healthy food and nutrition 1

But even the most quality and healthiest food if fabrication and refined to improve its external, organoleptic properties,loses his values ​​as a first-class food and becomes not only less healthy, but harmful to our health.It is a strong reason, and on behalf of our health imperative to use unrefined, polnovredna or integrated food has a natural internal forces, with high biological value and immeasurable nutritional and health facilities that fully meet all the needs of our body.
Integral food – whole, natural foods, nothing is removed from it.
– Black wheat bread of which are neither removed nor bran shell. Bran have a high biological value because they are real arsenal of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Very important is their cellulose shell. It is indigestible fiber that are irreplaceable natural laxatives in our intestines, natural regulators that provide a regular chair.

– Integral, glazed, brown rice, from which not damaged bran which are one of the richest sources of B vitamins

– All cornflakes and cereals known as Kellogg’s breakfast of whole grains of wheat, corn, rye, oats, … are integral outstanding healthy food.

– Unrefined, cold pressed vegetable oils have health advantage over other oils.
Fruits and vegetables are natural foods with high biological value and they should use in larger quantities, completely integrated in condition so as nature gives us. Not healthiest ones to drain the juice and drink as juice, and other content to throw, or articles to be used for another purpose. This will give the Explanation section “more” .

A special group of complete plant food with outstanding biological, nutritional, energy and health value, without which you can not imagine eating the world population, etc. legumes – soy, beans, lentils, peas and beans – a rich source of vegetable protein without cholesterol companion. In the interest of our health, they need to be most prevalent in our regular diet.

The integral foods, fruits, vegetables, cereals and fats of vegetable origin, have a great advantage over meat, along with animal fats are most unhealthy food, among other things, burdens the body with cholesterol that creates major problems of our health.
Refined foods – defused, incomplete, impoverished. It is removed most precious part, bran and husk, which make up its biological value. An example is white bread and all products from white flour and white, polished rice, having only energy without biological value, and create constipation or constipation. White sugar  and the white salt is also refined products without biological value.Refined oils are biologically less valuable than unrefined.
And reform is needed in the diet and lifestyle.What? Already we said: Absolute moderation when using quality and healthy food and total abstinence from that which is harmful to our health. Only two regular meals a day: breakfast plentiful and average lunch, maybe possibly very weak dinner, but before, not before bedtime. No further eating and snacking between meals. No chips, which are filled with low-quality, calorie fat or anything else while we sit and watch TV. Coffee and all carbonated and sugary drinks will reduce to a minimum, and over time will completely omit. You will drink enough plain, healthy water, approximately one and a half liter a day. Away from all greasy and calorie delicatessen, as well as canned products, which are full of harmful additives and preservatives. Our meals should consist of integrated healthy food, abundant with fresh vegetables and fruits.

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