The pilonidal cyst appears due to an extreme and constant pressure on the sacrococcygeal location.

It is formed along the tailbone, near the left of the butts and above the rectum, and appears like a sac and can worsen a currently existing cyst. It includes excrement of the skin and hair. The ingrown hair aggravates the skin and triggers swelling and development of a carbuncle or cyst.

For the most parts, these cysts are more typical in guys than in ladies, and frequently, they take place in between the ages of 16-25 years.

The primary signs of the pilonidal cysts are discomfort in the lower spinal column, fever, inflammation, and inflammation over the lower spinal column and drain off pus from the opening in the skin.

Luckily, instead of having a surgical treatment or other medical aid, you can resolve this condition in your home, with the help of some natural treatments.

Here are the most efficient ones:


Likewise called a slaked lime, chuna works in combating versus the infection triggered by a pilonidal cyst, as it dries the boil. All you have to do is to blend it with turmeric powder and use this mix on the afflicted location. You can cover it with a plaster.


You can include turmeric in your food. Turmeric will supply a remedy for the infections set off by a pilonidal cyst. Just include it in your food, and it will likewise use other beneficial results. Turmeric is incredibly efficient in dealing with lots of other illness.

Additionally, you can likewise blend turmeric and water in order to make a paste. Use the paste over the afflicted location 3 times every day.


Fenugreek deals with boils and swelling set off by a pilonidal cyst, so it is incredibly helpful in this case. You can utilize it through powder and pill. Take 1/2 teaspoon of fenugreek and include 1/2 glass of boiled water. Let it cool prior to intake. Likewise, you can take 2 pills of fenugreek in the early morning and night.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This treatment has numerous recovery qualities that use remedy for the pilonidal cyst signs. Apple cider vinegar likewise deals with swelling from the pilonidal cyst. Merely soak a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and use it over the afflicted location. Utilize this solution numerous times every day.

Moreover, apple cider vinegar can assist you to deal with almost any type of skin infection, and it likewise assists in reconstructing the pH balance and removing the contaminants from the body.

Garlic and Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is likewise extremely helpful in the treatment of pilonidal cyst. You have to include 2 cups of Epsom salt in a tub of warm water. This option consists of sulfate and magnesium, minerals that are practical in getting rid of the hazardous products from the body. For that reason, soak the afflicted location in it for Thirty Minutes, two times a day.

Likewise, garlic includes anti-oxidants that assist in battling versus the bacteria that trigger pilonidal cysts.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera consists of numerous helpful homes that combat germs, infection and other microorganisms, so it will deal with the skin infections triggered by pilonidal cysts. Aloe vera can be utilized through juice, so take in half a glass of aloe Vera juice daily.

Castor Oil

Castor oil includes effective residential or commercial properties that assist combat versus swelling and motivates the recovery procedure. You will have to use warm castor oil over the afflicted location and cover it with a plaster. Repeat this treatment 3 times every day.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil works as an antibacterial and for that reason, it can recover the afflicted skin. Use a drop of tea tree oil over the afflicted location.

Warm Bath

When it comes to a pilonidal cyst, you might benefit a lot from a warm bath, as it can reduce the signs. You can minimize the discomfort from the pilonidal cyst by sitting in a warm bath. Additionally, you will hence avoid the reappearing of pilonidal cysts in the future. Repeat this treatment frequently.


Working out will supply a remedy for the discomfort and tension brought on by the pilonidal cyst. For that reason, it is recommended to work out frequently, or easy practice walking. Additionally, yoga can likewise assist in treating this condition.

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