Sometimes many people get stuck in eating the same foods. They feel bored and try to eat another challenging food that they never eat before. Some research shows that human being needs fruits consumption to keep our body fresh and strong. This is some reason why we need fruit salad with lime or honey in daily breakfast.

How to make rainbow fruit salad

By eating more fresh fruits, you will get wide range of nutrient and effective resource to produce and increase powerful of health. The fruits salad is amazing ingredient to keep our body strong and healthy.

All you need is only fresh fruit, lime and honey. This combination can ensure you to get perfectly fruit recipe.

Fruit salad ingredients;

Before you make fruit salad with lime or honey, it is important to prepare all ingredients in this recipe includes; two ripe of bananas, one diced pineapple, twelve oz of blue berries, six oz of black berries, one lb of sliced strawberries, three mandarin orange, and four sliced and peeled kiwis. If you want to add lime or honey, you should prepare for ¼ cup of honey, two teaspoon of lime and one tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Make sure that you get all ingredients above from the market. It is very easy to find and get all ingredients in the market as long you know where to buy it.


To start make a fruits salad, you should mix all fruits in the bowl. You can add lime juice, honey and lime zest together in the separate bowl. Last, you add pour honey lime over your fruits and toss it till all fruits are covered well.

Since there are plenty of fruits in the market, it is good news to create healthy recipe for routine breakfast, lunch or dinner with fruits. Not all people know how to get health benefits from fruits salad. It can be good references for those who want to eat nutritious food and keep stay healthy.

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