Oh, those spider veins in the legs! Most women have a headache because they give bad appearance of their legs! Spider veins arise as vascular mesh under the skin, as a rule, they have a red or purple color. As a result, we hesitate to go with the outdoor clothing or choose darker stockings to hide this defect and trying not to attract attention to the legs. To solve this problem some women decide for surgical methods but should not hurry to do it because there are means to make these veins less noticeable.

How to remove spider veins


How to remove spider veins on the legs

How to reduce spider veins on the legs and make them less noticeable?

Spider veins usually appear in anklebones, calves and hips. In most cases they appear influenced by three factors: genetic predisposition, poor circulation and wrong habits (poor diet, sedentary or inactive lifestyle, etc.). Of course, sometimes these veins appear as a result of a more serious problem – varicosity. If you have noticed the emergence of at least one or more spider veins in yourself, it’s time to start taking action to keep the beauty of your legs and not allow the occurrence of vascular veins mesh in large numbers.


1. Cold foot bath

Cold foot bathThis is very effective method if you practice it regularly in the mornings. When you woke up and you go to a shower, give 5 minutes of the time for making cold foot massage, simply water feet from a shower and all. Or you can moisten a towel with cold water and wrap up the feet. So you will be able to remove an inflammation of vascular asterisks, they will become not such bright. Also you will improve blood circulation and, of course, you’ll feel freshness and ease in feet. We recommend this to become your habit and to do it every day.


2. Do not forget about antioxidants

orange juice Well, now we know what it is necessary, to begin the day with a cold shower, but what further? How about a useful breakfast? Try to drink every day a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. It will be useful in every aspect. Behind all antioxidants which contain in it, it is very important for improvement of blood circulation, blood saturation by oxygen and a vitality rising in general. Besides orange try to include in the diet also other products that contain natural antioxidants: lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, raspberry, wild strawberry, tomatoes, etc.

3. Sleep with slightly elevated legs

slightly elevated legsIt isn’t necessary to lift up them to a ceiling, it is enough to raise very little, having put under feet, for example, a pillow. Thus it is already possible to facilitate considerably blood circulation in feet and by that to prevent intensive emergence of the following vascular asterisks


4. Effective remedy — apple cider vinegar

ApfelsaftAre surprised? But this is true. Apple cider vinegar perfectly tones up skin and at the same time relaxes muscles. It also promotes blood circulation improvement. What it is necessary to do? Everything is very simple. We take a piece of fabric and we moisten it in apple cider vinegar, then it is put directly to those places where there were vascular asterisks, we leave for 20 minutes for influence and it is removed. If you practice this procedure daily, the result will pleasantly surprise you: asterisks will become much less noticeable.



5. The means of spider veins on the basis of avocado and rose hips

avocado and rose hipsThis is simply ideal combination. This means will be especially effective if you apply it right after depilation procedure. It will be able to calm and soften the angry skin, to oxygenate it and to improve blood circulation. Today on sale there is a set of expensive creams which contain these ingredients (oil of a rose hips and avocado) are so you safely can prepare such means independently at home, having saved thus the considerable sum of money. Perhaps, you won’t have near at hand rose hips oil, but now it is rather widespread, it is possible to tell, even is “popular” therefore without effort you will be able to buy it in drugstores. Rose hips oil is used rather often in the industry of beauty as it very well influences a condition of skin. And in combination with avocado at you simply excellent means for fight against the irritating vascular mesh standing will turn out. Don’t forget to apply only it on skin every time after made depilation.

How to prepare this magic cream?

You need a half of avocado and 10 drops of oil of a hip rose. At first get its pulp from avocado, its most green part best of all will approach, that which is located closer to a stone as in it nutrients are concentrated and, respectively, it possesses stronger curative properties. We put pulp of avocado in a bowl and we add 10 drops of oil of a hip rose. Then we mix before formation of a uniform consistence without lumps.

The turned-out paste can be applied on problem sites of skin, where there are vascular asterisks. It is important to do it in the direction from below up with the circular massing movements counterclockwise. When paste is applied, leave it on skin for influence for 15 minutes that it was as much as possible absorbed. After the specified time simply wash away cool water. You will notice at once how your legs got prettier, skin got a healthy shade, became soft and well humidified, and, above all, these awful asterisks standing became almost imperceptible.




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