A common skin condition that can develop at any time is a skin tag. They are very annoying and not pretty too look at but they can not hurt one. They are benign tumors that develop where there is skin to skin contact and other friction. 

How to Treat Skin Tags

They most often appear on the groin, armpits, eyelid, under the breasts, and the neck. Since they are not pretty too look at, here are some ways to get rid of them.


1. Oregano oil– This oil is very potent to use on skin tags. Simply mix it with a few drops of coconut oil and apply to the tag three times per day. It will eventually fall off after the tag changes colors from red to purple to black.

2. Tea Tree oil– This Chinese remedy has been used for ages as it is really anti fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial. It dries them out from the inside out. Dampen a cotton ball with a bit of water, then add some tea tree oil. Repeat 3 times per day until the skin tag falls off.

3. Dandelion juice– This can be found right in dandelions that are found in your front yard. Simply squeeze a dandelion stem until you see a milky substance being produced. Apply this to the skin tag 3 times per day until the skin tag falls off.

4. Lemon juice– Lemon juice can be used to make a skin tag be removed. Just rub the juice on 3 times per day and it will fall off within 2 to 3 weeks.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar– ACV can be applied to the skin tag after washing it well and then drying off. ACV may tingle a bit, so feel free to dilute with water. Apply ACV 3 times per day.

6. Pineapple juice – This powerful juice can be applied to skin tags, which will then wither up and fall off.

7. Garlic Make a paste from one clove of garlic and then apply to the skin tag. Place a bandage on it and then leave overnight.

8. Castor oil- This oil should be applied to the skin tag 3 to 5 times daily. It can also be mixed with baking soda to make a paste, and then applied to the skin tag with a bandage over it overnight.

9. Onion juice- Coat a few slices of onions with salt and let sit overnight. The next day squeeze the juice from the onions and apply to the skin tag. Cover with a bandage and then let sit overnight.

10. Banana peels- This fruit peel should be placed over the skin tag and then taped into place. Leave on overnight to see results.

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