Limewater is an aqueous solution of slaked lime obtained by the action of water on lime.

Limewater- cure for cancer1

Limewater used in medicine,antacids, for lotions and to absorbe the carbon dioxide in the air.

The recipe is from a woman who was cured of sarcoma cancer. The oncologists after performed surgery and predicted that she would live a few months, with a strong faith and a desire for life, she learns about this medicine and applied therapy to herself. After passing the difficult path of the disease, after six months, she made all the necessary analyzes and found that her body has no presence of malignant cells. She has shared the recipe with anyone who was interested and is very pleased that managed to help more people to beat this disease.





In bowl pour 5 liters of pure water and it is added with 500 gr. slaked lime (in the form of a lump). Аfter statutory, stir and let stand for 12-24 hours, strain through a thick cloth or gauze in a glass container (bottle or jar). The clear solution is drunk 200 ml in the morning on an empty stomach. Then it need not consume food in the next 3 hours. If you can not drink lime water due to the unpleasant taste it can be blended with 50 ml of yogurt. The treatment lasts 3-6 months for people suffering from cancer, leukemia or other serious diseases. Persons who do not have health problems may drink 1-3 doses for purification of the body.


The first month she drank twice a day for 200 ml in the morning and evening.


During treatment she had done once a week spa with 0.5-1 kg of baking soda in a period of 1-1.5 hours for purification of malignant skin cells.


Sugar completely excluded from the diet.


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