A man who was detected with diabetes and high blood pressure in 2011 made an advanced modification of his state and combated the illness!

His medical diagnosis suggested that he needed to take insulin and hypertension tablets to treat his problems, however, he turned down such a treatment and chose to naturally treat himself.

He began taking in raw veggies and fruits and restored his health!

Specifically, 4 and a half years back, he felt continuous thirst and chose to examine his condition at his physician. The medical professional notified him that the levels of sugar were increased as much as 29.0 mmol/L, and his pancreas quit working. For that reason, he informed him that using insulin was inescapable.

At first, the male began taking insulin daily and ended up being physically active, however yet, his condition worsened with time. His triglyceride levels were 16 and his high blood pressure raised as much as 150/100, so the various medications he utilized, in addition, harmed his body.

For that reason, on New Year’s Eve in 2013, he chose to attempt another method to treat his disease.

He saw an episode of the program “The Edge of Science” and paid attention to the words of the visitor, Dr. John Zirdum, who specified that taken in just raw foods for 12 years. This was the turning point, and he chose to purchase a mixer and begin a totally brand-new life.

He discovered it hard throughout the very first week, as he could not quickly withstand the temptation to attempt other foods, however, he was figured out to continue, and he handled to drop his blood glucose level to 5.0 mmol/L!

He did not have to utilize insulin! He continued to do the routine examinations as well as kept the treatment as a backup strategy if anything bad occurred. He began slimming down and his condition supported. In just 25 days, he lost 22 pounds.

In the next 3 months, he ended up being an entire beginner. His high blood pressure was 120/60, he not utilized insulin, the triglycerides level as lowered to 1.4 and lost over 40 pounds. Exactly what’s finest about all of it was that he utilized definitely no medications!

As this became his brand-new way of life, he explores different dishes of juices and shakes. This was his preferred one:

Active ingredients:

– 2 bananas

– 5 kiwis

– 2 apples

– a handful of kale

– 1/2 l of water


You ought to include all active ingredients into your mixer and mix them all well.


Consume half a liter of this juice on an empty stomach every early morning, and take in the rest throughout the day.

Whenever you feel starving, have some fruit, fruit salads, or a tuna salad, which is high in vitamin B12. This will keep you complete as your brain will feel that your stomach is not empty. It will likewise get details that the blood has actually all the required nutrients.

This healthy routine will supply outstanding health advantages!


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