Our bodies are designed to eat grains and plants. It is a fact according to the comparison table, but why do we nonetheless eat meat? Why we started to do all that? Would it be healthier to become strict vegetarians or a subspecies?
We are interested in the meat only after specific parts of the animal will be separated, processed and served. We eat animals because it not only grew up and educated, it seems to us perfectly normal. See the table and make a decision for themselves whether or they do not want to eat meat.

If you claim that people are carnivorous, do a little experiment. The little boy bunny and let him leave his apples. Observe the actions of the child. It will play with rabbit and after a while you eat apples, do the opposite if the man is carnivore.


          CARNIVORES                                                  GRAMINIVOROUS                                        HUMAN BEING


              have claws                                                               no claws                                                           no claws

do not have the pore of the skin                              the path through the million           the path through the million

(The path through the language of                                   pore of the skin                                   pore of the skin

the body to cool it)

sharp, prominent front teeth to                           do not have a sharp and                            do not have a sharp and

    terminate the meat                                                 prominent front teeth                                prominent front teeth

do not have a smooth rear teeth to                 have a smooth rear teeth to                    have a smooth rear teeth to

chew food                                                                chew and milled food                               chew and milled food

small saliva glands in the mouth                    well developed saliva glands                 well developed saliva glands

(they have no need to pre digestion               (for pre digestion of the grain                   (for pre digestion of the

           of the grain and fruits)                                                and fruits)                                            grain and fruits)


         acidic saliva                                                              acidic saliva                                              acidic saliva

(has not ptialina enzyme for pre                        (there are many ptialina                             (there are many ptialina

digestion of the grain                                          enzyme for pre digestion of                      enzyme for pre digestion of

                                                                                                            the grain)                                                   the grain)

strong stomach acid digestion of                 20 times weaker stomach acid                 20 times weaker stomach

animal muscle, bone, skins etc.                           of carnivores                                                acid of carnivores

intestines are only three times the                intestines are several times                      intestines are several times

                       length of the body                               the length of the body                             the length of the body

(faster discharge of the meat from             (plant foods are broken down 

                                 the body)                              slowly and need more time to

                          get out of the body)



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