The best way to get relax is massage. It has benefit for the overall health. So, do one of the best things for you – self-massage.

Massage Your Feet Before Going To Bed! Here Is Why It Is So Important!


The massage enables improvement of the metabolism, stimulation of the secretion of sweat, mobilization of the fat, improvement of the blood flow and acceleration of the blood flow through the tissue. Massage is good for the skin beauty too, because it makes the skin lithe and healthy, so it leads to a youthful look.

Massaging helps in eliminating of the lactic acid, it facilitates digestion and also has positive affects to the muscles stretching and to relaxation of the reflex.

Massaging and pressing on particular points of the feet (i.e. reflexology) can mitigate the symptoms of the various diseases and helps in improving and maintaining of the healthy organ function.

It is recommended to make feet massage every night before bedtime. For the best efficiency of the massage, massaging should lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.


Actually, the foot massage is healing, because there is a big number of nerve endings that are concentrated on the soles, and contrary ends of those nerves are spread in the all parts of the body. According to this, feet are a map of the whole body. Through massage of the feet, you stimulate them as well as the other parts of the body. That’s why the feet play very important role for the nervous system. In fact, the massage is performing with a very specific pressing with the thumbs on the precise points. First you should press firmly on one specific point and keep pressing for a few seconds, and then move your thumbs to the next point.


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