We’ve shared lots of natural solutions for all sorts of things, however this? This is among our favorites!

Lot of individuals know that laurel is an exceptional spice that has a special region in every kitchen.

However we do not recognize that those leaves in addition to using them to assemble ingredients are likewise helpful in our physical fitness.

Laurel leaves are used for the preparation of an exceptional medical oil that has many helpful properties for our health that you can make in the house.

Laurel’s long been admired as a spice, however it’s not as well referred to as a medicinal oil.

In particular, laurel is terrific because it:

  • Calms the concerned system.
  • Cleans up the colon.
  •  Increases and promotes the approach of sweating.
  • Alleviates joint discomforts and treats varicose veins.
  • Strengthens the body immune system.

Check out this recipe for making an excellent medicinal oil:

Active ingredients

  • 30 grams bay leaves
  • 250 ml olive oil


  • Mash bay leaves and pour olive oil over it
  • Put the mix into a pitcher bottle, close tightly, and let stall in a dark location for 14 days
  • Shake bottle from time to time
  • After 2 weeks, pressure the oil by means of cheesecloth and switch the liquid into another box
  • Keep the laurel oil in a cool location

With your laurel oil, think about the following fantastic medical usages:

  •  Rub gently warmed oil on throbbing joints
  • For extreme headaches, rub this oil into the temples for immediate relief
  •  Instead of aspirin, think about using laurel oil
  • Reduces tummy ache and stomach pain
  • Normalizes kidney and hepatic function
  • Can be used as a cream to resolve pores and skin concerns on the face

Source: healthyfoodchoices.net


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