It is good for you to eat banana peel. It is not only edible but also good for health. In the US, many people use banana peel to toss in the trash and in the India, people have taken benefit of this nutritious banana peel for decades. Banana flesh is sweet and soft, thick skin, slight bitter and fibrous. In order to eat banana pell, people should blend it into fry or smoothie form and boil for ten minutes. Heat it breakdown the skin fibrous and loosen up though texture and make banana peel easier to digest and chew. The riper of banana peel allow people to get sweeter and thinner peel. It is natural plant hormone called ethylene fruits.

Nutritious Fruits of Banana Peel

This ethylene interacts with fibre and sugar in the banana skin and changes this sugar into simple sugar and pectin, a form of fibre in the banana. It is why old banana is flimsier. Another hormone breakdown green pigment in the banana peel and turn into yellow/brown.

Nutritious benefits

The sweet flesh of banana contain of several nutrient as follows;

  • 12% fibre, help to digestives system and diabetes.
  • 17% vitamin C for immune system and growth development.
  • 20% vitamin B6 t help aid body ability and energy conversion.
  • 12% potassium that help tissue and cell development.
  • 8% magnesium for energy production, blood pressure and glucose regulating.

Skin contain of vitamin B12 and B6 as well as potassium and magnesium. Skin is also containing of protein and fibre. Eating banana peel is not only good for health but also good for environment. In 2013, banana was popular fresh fruit in the US with 5.2 kg or 11.4 pounds of banana over the course. Medium size of banana weight is about 130 kilograms or 0.3 pounds and equate to thirty eight banana per person or twelve billion for US citizen. There was a lot of organic waste and goes to landfills. Some of them are used as fertilizer in the composing and water purification.

Another benefit of banana peel

If people can’t stomach eating banana peel, here are great way of natural live ideas as follows;

  • Add slice of banana peel to bucket water and mix for couple days
  • Use this mixture to watering the plants
  • Add nutrient from banana peel for plants to growing strong
  • Make banana vinegar from banana peel and add to vegetable and salad
  • Place meat in the top of ripe banana peel



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