Through the centuries, petroleum is known as herbal remedy for various deseases and today is even legally used for cancer tretman as in Switzerland, France, Poland and Hungary, where it is saled even in tablets.

In the World War First saved the lives of many Serbian soldier for lice extermination and also it was used for those treated with to many medical devices and medications. This derivative of the oil used by the Greeks and Turks to suppress stomach illness and sore throat, as well as French doctors in the 19th century, which made means of desinfections based on turpentine and petroleum. Even Magellan gave to his sailors to drink kerosene in small quantities for stomach problems.
Treatment with petroleum began with the processing of oil, although some fractions of crude oil were used down in prehistoric times. In ancient Babylon oil derivatives are used for tretmann of stomach problems, inflammations and ulcers, and the process of distillation of crude oil – petroleum hydrocarbons in fractions, was first described in the 9th century in Persia.
“The use of petroleum is most common for poor countries, including Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. One study in Nigeria confirms that about 70 percents of the population uses petroleum products for treatment, mostly infections and infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis and rheumatic diseases in general.


It is said that Rockefeller started a business selling petroleum as a cure for cancer before they found that chemotherapy is more profitable, “said prof. Staniša Stojiljkovic, Head of the Department for Environmental Engineering at Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, a great connoisseur of the use of clay in prevention and treatment.

Be careful and moderate

The advantages of petroleum are its thermodynamic characteristics, but under the terms that is not infected with toxic additives and regardless of this, it should be used in small amounts.

“If someone chooses to take petroleum, need first to start with small quantities of a few drops, but after two or three weeks should begin using a tablespoon. At the same time need to use the resources or diet that will encourage and facilitate cleaning of the body of heavy metals and toxins that petroleum started. Because he really runs toxic deposits of tumor, lymph and other landfills that end in the tissue fluids. ”



There appear numerous testimonies of people that have used it, so there is more believes that it can be of great help for the most serious diseases. Lately, it has been noticed that people increasingly go to Albania, in order to obtain this substance which is increasingly believed that have unbelievable curing power when it comes to malignant diseases. Many people across the region are in search of the only real natural source of petroleum in Kruja in Albania, which help in curing cancer.

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