Do you have discomfort in your body, neck, back, or head? Reflexology might be the remedy you have actually been searching for.

It’s only just a theory, however, reflexologists think that by using pressure to particular parts of the hand or feet, discomfort or conditions in all sorts of locations in the body can be minimized.

Reflexology is thought about a holistic massage strategy, that is, it concentrates on the whole body to bring back balance. Each organ, gland or body part represents locations in both the hand and foot.

When pressure is applied to the points on the hands or feet, it is thought to trigger particular pressure sensing units that promote the internal organs which each point is linked to.

The understanding of pressure by the feet and hands take advantage of the energetic reflex network that makes whatever we do possible.

As a note, you ought to constantly seek advice from a doctor prior to starting any alternative treatments, although reflexology as an adjunctive treatment is viewed as extremely safe.

Stimulation of these reflex points can promote relaxation, enhance blood circulation, and motivate self-healing


Heals a range of conditions
Reflexology is thought to recover a range of conditions consisting of:

– female reproductive issues,
– gastrointestinal concerns
– back, neck, and shoulder discomfort
– anxiety, stress, and anxiety
– sleeping disorders
– headaches and migraines

While reflexology can be a terrific addition to any health regimen, it is very important to bear in mind that reflexology is not an alternative to treatment or treatment.

Reflexology chart


To determine the specific location of the hand or foot that has to be targeted, a graphic display screen of each body part is represented by various areas of the hand and is called a reflexology chart.

This chart enables the individual who is doing the massage to use pressure to the precise part of the hand that impacts the body in particular methods.

The Reflex Points in the Body

The advantage about reflexology is that the hands are simple to gain access to and easily offered for self-massage! If you desired, you might search for the parts of your hands that relate to your impacted locations and carry out the methods yourself (if you felt up to it). You ought to understand that the reflex points on your right-hand man represent the left side of your body and vice versa.

You need to likewise understand that:

– the thumb represents your head
– the within the upper thumb represents the side of the head
– the suggestions of the thumb, tip finger and middle finger relate straight to your brain
– dealing with the location in between your fingernails and very first thumb knuckle will assist to eliminate sinus discomfort or pressure
– working the pinkies will de-stress shoulders
– the location below the fingers that reaches the thumb will promote the lungs, heart, stomach, and pancreas
– the location from the base of the thumb to the wrist will bring relief to intestinal tracts, spleen, and kidneys
– the location listed below the index middle and ring fingers accesses lungs and heart
simply listed below the lung or heart location is the point for stomach and intestinal tracts
– concentrate on the wrist location will access the reproductive organs

hand reflexology points chart
1. Pituitary 2. Neck 3. Side of head and Brain 4. Top of head and Brain 5. Sinus 6. Eye 7. Eustachian tube 8. Ear 9. Thyroid 10. Lung 11. Heart 12. Solar Plexus 13. Liver 14. Spleen 15. Stomach and Pancreas 16. Small Intestine 17. Colon 18. Bladder 19. Ureter tube 20. Kidney 21. Adrenal 22. Shoulder 23. Ovary/testes 24. Sciatic Nerve

Gastrointestinal problems

To assist take on digestion problems with pressure points, promote your intestinal tracts reflex by interlocking the fingers, roll the ball around in the lower location of the palms of heels of the hands, do this for about a minute one or two times a week to assist with food digestion.

Sleeping disorders

Inning accordance with reflexology, to look after sleeping disorders by concentrating on your head and sinuses reflexes. Merely press and rub from the base of each finger to the pointer. Carry out on each finger 3 to 4 times a day.

Pain in the back

For pain in the back promote your spinal column reflex which is the side of the thumb all the way to the wrist. Press with the flat of opposite thumb, beginning at the top of the thumb to the wrist. Repeat on both hands numerous times for 3 to 4 times a day.

Sex drive

For enhancing your sex drive, reflexologists think you can promote the ovaries, uterus, prostate, and testes by comprehending your wrist with thumb and forefinger forming a circle, then twist the opposite hand, twist wrist about twenty times and after that change sides. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day.


hand massage

For an easy relaxation massage follow these simple actions:

1. Start with your right-hand man initially, pinch each fingertip and thumb idea by using minor pressure for a couple of seconds.
2. Next, securely squeeze the sides of the fingertips for a couple of seconds.
3. Then from top to bottom, rub fingers and thumbs strongly going back and forth throughout each finger.
4. Expand the fingers and location palms together. Enable the ideal thumb to massage the top of the other and move down towards the inner wrist.
5. To the end of the massage, press the thumb of one hand into the center of the palm of the other hand while breathing deeply.


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