Smart snacking is essential for those who have Type 2 diabetes as it assists control their blood sugar levels. When cravings sets in, this can trigger dips and spikes in their blood sugar level that can result in irritability, lightheadedness, and even weakness. Having a healthy treat on hand makes sure that your blood glucose level remains the very same throughout the day.

For those who wish to have more control of their blood glucose level, here are some healthy choices for you to consider.

Leafy greens
Consuming salad is good for you however you have to broaden your horizons when it comes to eating leafy greens and add kale, chard, and spinach as they are not just scrumptious however they are also healthy not to mention short on carbs.

This nut is a best option for treat as it has protein, and a combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that can help lower your cholesterol while at the exact same time reduce your threat of experiencing health problems due to your diabetes. One ounce of this nut totals up to 50 pieces at least. You can have some in your bag for those times when you’re feeling hungry.

Low-calorie drinks
Consuming plain water is all well and excellent however so is adding some vegetables or fruits to your beverage. Cut some cucumbers or lemons and add them to your water or make some ice cubes infused with your option of fruit.
Tea drinkers can add a cinnamon stick on their cold tea for added flavour. What’s fantastic about these beverages is that not just are they low in carb content however they can also fill you up which suggests there will be less cravings taking place.

Roasted, prepared, or raw veggies
Veggies ought to certainly be added to your diet as they are loaded with necessary nutrients that can help you with your diabetes. You can add raw, cooked, or roasted veggies to your dishes if you like or perhaps dip them in guacamole, salsa, or even hummus. Choose low-carb veggies like onions, tomatoes,
eggplants, and Brussels sprouts for that healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to your day to regulate your blood sugar level.

Sliced avocado with lime
This superfood is actually a good option for healthy treat as it is packed with monounsaturated fats that can fill your stomach quickly. You can top your avocado slices with some lime juice and a little bit of salt for included flavour. However, bear in mind that avocados are calorie thick so you ought to practice portion control. About half a cup of avocadoes contains 120 calories which is enough to tide you over till your next meal.

These are simply a few healthy treats that you can prepare to assist regulate your blood sugar level level. These are simple to create and can bring you adequate nutrients that will not only help keep your blood sugar balanced but at the exact same time provide you with other important minerals and vitamins for total health.

Source: Healthy Builderz

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