Did you know that people and places can give you a positive energy or steal the life energy and leave you totally exhausted and squeezed?

This especially happens if you do healing work or you are often in contact with other people.You have to know how to protect from it and recognize when some place or person pulls out your positive energy.Many diseases arise when your life energy falls, because it weakens the immune system.All situations and people that bring you long-term stress can be hazardous to your health.

That’s why we advise you to take this very seriously.

Eyes – a mirror of emotions and health

The most sophisticated and the most sensitive organ in our body is the eye.
Through it, we receive 90% of all impressions, and through other sensory organs only 10%.

Did you know that by looking directly at a person’s eyes, you can lose a lot of power, especially if that person is angry, negative, cranky or depressed?

If a few hours looking at the cell phone or computer monitor, it will be the same thing.
You will lose your energy, and your eyes will become tired.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and sometimes it is good to listen to that small voice within us that intuitively suggests that we can get out of the situation or of the people who steal our energy.

Ayurvedic cleansing eyes

Discover ancient method Netra Tarpana and how you can help to yourself.
Netra Tarpana (netra – eyes, tarpana – it) is a treatment for strengthening, relaxation and cleansing the eyes.
Even the ancient Ayurvedic sages used this special treatment for the prevention and healing eyes.
Around your eyes make a ring of chickpeas dough.

Then, in a recess, the inside of the ring (next to the edge), slowly pour warm ghee (purefied butter) on closed eyes.
After the ghee is completely over your eyes, slowly open them. The feeling will be like to dive under the water.
Ghee has a great healing effect – pulls out toxins and impurities, regenerates, nourishes and rejuvenates the eyes.

Netra Tarpana resting tired and dry eyes, strengthens the muscles around the eyes, giving freshness and clarity and improves circulation.
At the same time reduces wrinkles and dark circles.

To reach the desired effects, this treatment should be used for several days in succession.

The cure for many eye diseases

Netra Tarpana is used as a remedy for many eye problems and vision problems.

This method is especially recommended for:

• glaucoma
• conjunctivitis
• weak eyesight
• tired, dry and inflamed eyes
• tension in the head and eyes
• Computer Vision Syndrome
• reduction of wrinkles around the eyes
• dark circles
• For long-term eyes strain

Instructions for implementation of Netra Tarpana


• 300 g flour of chickpeas
• water
• 2 dl ghee
• cotton wool
• rose water or chamomile tea

Implementation of the treatment:

Select a person who will help you to implement the treatment. Before treatment, you should remove the eye makeup.

  •  Knead the flour of chickpeas with a little lukewarm water. Make a firm dough as for bread.
  • Melt ghee on a low heat.
  •  Shape the dough into two balls. Make a hole in the middle of each ball so you get a ring with a hole diameter slightly larger than your eyes.
  • Put a ring around the eye and good press to adhere to the skin. You must not laugh or talk because the ring of dough could become porous.
  •  Check the heat of the ghee on the inside of your wrist.
  •  Pour the ghee slowly into the fenced area. Make sure that the ghee will not pour out directly in the eye, but the inner side of the ring (next to the temples). Let the jet to slide slowly along the edge of the dough until it is fully cover the eye.
  • Now slowly open your eyes and start with exercises for the eyes. Rotate the view left and right, up and down, circular, in one side, than the other and diagonally.
    The treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes. Later, you can add some warm ghee to maintain the temperature.
  • When the treatment is finished insert in the ring several balls of cotton wool to absorb the ghee. Do this until you have removed all the ghee. Then remove the ring of dough and wipe the remnants of the dough and ghee with cotton pads and massage shortly the eye area.
  •  Soak clean pads in a little bit of rose water or chamomile tea, drain the excess liquid and then put them on the eyes.

Cover with a small towel. Relax for ten minutes and rest your eyes in the dark.

Rejuvenate and protect your eyes Ayurvedic technique Netra Tarpana


After the treatment it would be best to not watch television or work on the computer for several hours.

If this is unavoidable, it’s the best to do the treatment at night before sleeping.

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