This treatment conserves lives which is shown with hundreds of research studies, yet individuals hardly ever understand that this beverage is so healthy. It is made with easy and inexpensive components, so you can make it in a no time at all.

This Remedy Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy

Did you know that lemon and sodium bicarbonate are more reliable than chemotherapy? This combination is stronger cancer killer than chemotherapy and 10,000 more powerful. Lemon is shown anti-cancer agent since he makes the strong alkaline environment in our body. Tumors can not exist in this environment.

Tumors and cysts are fed by things that make the acidic environment and if the body is acidic, tumors can grow. However, when we cut the circulation of level of acidity in our organism, the tumor does not get the food and it will stop growing. Because of that, baking soda in a combination with lemon is a terrific method to fight cancer.

This remarkable fact was found in 1923 by Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German scientist. He even got the Nobel reward for his medication versus cancer, but individuals still do not know the reality.

Warburg discovered that the source of cancer is excessive acidity. We eat too much food that triggers it and in a mix of not working out, our body makes acidic environment. The solution to this issue is our diet.

What to eat in smaller amounts?

-Improved sugar and all of its derivatives. Sugar is the worst due to the fact that it doesn’t have vitamins, minerals, simply only refined carbohydrates. Sugar’s pH is 2,1.

-All the meat and products of animal origin. That suggests milk, cheese, yogurt and everything else.

-Improved salt, refunded flour and all derivate of flour, such as cakes, cookies and pasta.

-Bread, margarine, caffeine, alcohol and other refined food with preservatives, fragrances, and other bad chemicals.

Exactly what to consume more?

-Baking soda and lemon


-Raw vegetables.


-Essential grains– you can prepare them.


-Water– it is crucial given that being hydrated is great for alkalizing the body.

-Exercise– it will help in getting your body alkalized.

Chemotherapy typically suggests death considering that it makes your body acidic, so your body needs to get all the reserves of the minerals in teeth, bones, nails, and hair, and, as a result, we get physical changes in clients. So, it is better to make use of baking soda and lemon to cure this severe condition.

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