Lots of people around the globe have issues with mice and spiders. These animals invade our homes and they are not so simple to remove. The very best way to obtain rid of them is to discover entirely natural options that wo n`t damage your health and the health of your member of the family. You can always call the pest control operators, however this is really expensive and it may affect your health since they use a lot of hazardous chemicals.

Let’s confess, although they are tiny little creatures, unwanted visitors like spiders and mice often destroy the peace and convenience we delight in your home.

And the most tough thing about it all is their elimination, right? Incorrect!

The solution to this issue depends on tea bags, think it or not! Yet, exactly what you require is not any kind of tea bags, however peppermint tea bags.

All you have to do is to brew a cup of peppermint tea, and disperse the tea bags all around your house where you have actually observed spiders or mice. It is best to place 4 tea bags in each corner of the room.

You can also utilize peppermint necessary oil for the exact same purpose. Put 10– 15 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle with water, and they spray all over your home and of course over the tea bags.

This will leave a fantastic smell in the house, and you will keep mice and spiders at bay! Furthermore, peppermint leaves are also amazing in the case of mice and spiders.

Additional suggestion:

You can also blend some lemon oil and cinnamon and use this mix to get rid of spiders from your home.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com


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