If you desire a chewy snack, get pumpkin seeds.

They have many great products like copper, zinc, magnesium, protein and are power food. They also have totally free extreme battling agents and phytosterols for the health.

They have fibers so aid digestion and they have 1000 calories per 50 g.

No have to keep them in the refrigerator, they are treat to go!


Mg for the heart– 1/4 cup of these seeds is everyday dose Mg for ATP energy particles, synthesis of RNA and DNA, pumping of heart, teeth and bone health, energy, unwinding blood vessels, great bowels and more. Likewise pressure is better, no danger of heart attacks, strokes, attacks. In U.S.A 80% individuals do not have Mg.

Zinc for resistance– these seeds have zinc, and for 1 oz you get 2 mg of it. Zinc is for immunity, mood, sleep, smell, taste, skin and eye health, insulin and stamina in males. Deficit of it makes colds, influenza, anxiety, fatigue, acne, low birth babies, bad memory. Soil impacts these deficits, drugs or some plants.

Omega 3 of plants– raw seeds and nuts are for omega 3 sources. We all require the ALA alpha-linoleic acid, this is changed into omega 3 DHA and EPA enzymes for insulin. Also consider krill oil too.

Healthy prostate– they are terrific for males! Given that they have zinc, they help the prostate. The oil and extract of the seeds cures benign prostaic hyperplasia BPH, big prostate. Research studies stated this oil and seeds make guys healthy.

Diabetes– animal lab research studies showed insulin policy readies with these seeds and diabetics are safe from oxidation tension.

Postmenopausal advantages– the oil of the seeds has phytoestrogens and studies stated it makes more excellent HDL cholesterol, lowers pressure, headaches, no flashes, no pain in joints and such

Heart and liver health– they have fibers, great fats and make these organs healthy when mixed with flaxseed.

Tryptophan for sleep– this product modifications to serotonin then to melatonin for sleep. Consume them with apple, before bed and sleep well.

Swelling– they get rid of swelling and a study showed that drugs like Indomethacin (arthritis drug) are even worse and have adverse effects. These seeds do not.


For all their benefits, consume them raw. If you get them of bulk bins, smell them initially. Odor should not be rancid, stagnant, spoiled, musty otherwise it has mycotoxins. Organic seeds are without pesticides and chemicals.

Likewise nuts and seeds have antinutrients like the phytic acid that makes them less useful prior to intake. For eating seeds, at least soak them and sprout them. For the taste, dehydrate them in oven and consume them. Purchase dehydrator like Excalibur that lasts over 2 decades. Or get it from Amazon.

For roasted seed taste, roast them however soon and with low heat. They can be roasted with low heat like 170 F (75 degrees), sprayed with Himalayan salt and heated simply 20 min.

Source: healthyfoodresources.com


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