Like in fashion, nutrition’s has trends.

As major fashion brands impress latest trends in clothes and accessories, nutritionists promote healthy eating as “super foods”.


For the amateur – Super foods except unique nutritional and health qualities that have, also can improve the tone and overall condition of the body, and can help in various diseases.

The news is not that super foods are changed always because they keep their beneficial properties, but that is continuously updated, like in fashion, always new trends are coming in the market.

If you want to be in line with fashion, even in eating, check out the list of super foods to 2015 and learn more about them:


Super foods for 2015 year-quinoa

“Queen of super foods” – quinoa, health benefits are always mentioned but it is not so common in used.  Quinoa (kaniwa) is cereal that grows in Peru and Bolivia. Quinoa is rich in protein and essential amino acids, an excellent source of iron and gluten-free. Its color is dark brown and its grains are half the size of those of the cinema. The difference is that it contains saponins, which give a slightly bitter taste of quinoa, if not cooked well.

Tree wonder horseradish tree (moringa)

Super foods for 2015 year-moringaKnown as miracle, drumstick or horseradish tree grows in the Himalayas and Africa. Africans call its fruits growing inside the pods, “drum sticks” due to their particular form. High protein super food contain 4 times more potassium than bananas, 2 times more vitamin A than carrots and double the fiber of oatmeal. The leaves are used for tea while powdered fruits as spice. Moringa strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, lowers blood pressure; according to Ayurveda can be used for more than 3,000 diseases.


Super foods for 2015 year-teffYou will hardly be surprised that falls in the ranking of the top super foods of the year. Teff is widely grown crop without gluten in Ethiopia, South Africa, Eritrea, India and Australia. You can find it in the form of flour, to cook “injera” – known pancakes with Ethiopian teff. It’s a rich source of eight essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Super tea matcha

Super foods for 2015 year-matchaMatcha is highly concentrated powder form of white and green tea that Zen Buddhists used for centuries, as concentration during meditation. In the west is most often added to coffee, tea, milk drinks, juices and ice cream. Powerful antioxidant with high content of protein and fiber, tea matcha is ideal for vegetarians and vegans. It is gluten-free superfood.

Shichimi togarashi – Magnificent Seven

Super foods for 2015 year-shichimi-togarashiJapanese spice shichimi togarashi (Shichimi Togarashi) consists of seven components: chili, sesame, poppy seed, hemp seed, pepper sansho (similar to Sichuan pepper), nori seaweed and mandarin zest, exotic and quite useful substitute for the salt. It is suitable for tampering with soups and dishes, if you love spicy dishes.

Fermented foods – healthy trend

Super foods for 2015 year-fermented foodFermented vegetables were hit, due to the natural content of bacteria, vitamins and enzymes, converted to probiotics. The easiest and convenient way, dependable on season, is to start with sauerkraut and pickles. Fans of exotic foods can try the tempeh (fermented soybeans), miso (fermented soybean soup of beans, rice, barley and onions), kombucha (fermented tea) and kefir (fermented milk drink). A braver can undertake fermentation favorite products such as coffee, beer and chocolate.

Local fashionable

That’s called good news. Super foods that grow in your latitudes are most relevant for yourself! Your country is a real encyclopedia about super foods and must enjoy them more often. Not only because honey, bee pollen, einkorn, dandelion, nettles, sorrel, spinach, mulberry, wild rose, hawthorn and other wild and cultivated in your country super foods are extremely modern, but also because they are magical healing properties.

Salad Dandelion salad of dandelions

Super foods for 2015 year-dandelion

Black rice, amaranth, chocolate, poppy and broccoli are other super foods present as the top trends in healthy eating for 2015-a year.

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