The tea of lemon balm, also known as melissa tea is used since ancient times, and many call it the “elixir of life”. The scent of lemon balm is intoxicating and somewhat reminds on the scent of lemon, and its healing properties provide many health benefits.


The Tea of Lemon Balm (Melissa) - Healing Properties and Preparation

The tea of lemon balm, with its calming properties works best against disorders caused by stress. Lemon balm can greatly affect our quality of sleep and therefore very often is recommended as a natural remedy for insomnia, as well as for anxiety, depression and tension.


Its soothing properties also help in symptoms such as bloating, which is especially useful for women who suffer from painful menstruation. Also, the tea of lemon balm stimulates hormonal activities and is therefore very useful for thyroid problems.

It is also used to improve heart health, but except that it can in a natural way to treat heart disease, consumption of the lemon balm tea can also prevent the same.


The lemon balm tea has positive effect on the immune system, can be locally applied in the treatment of herpes on the lip, and its exceptional healing properties provide many additional health benefits such as:


• headache treatment
• reduction of high temperature
• relieve nausea
• increase the concentration



Preparing lemon balm tea
Preparing lemon balm tea is very simple and that is why it should certainly be found in your kitchen. The lemon balm tea very rarely causes side effects, and is therefore especially useful for children.

Just one tablespoon of dried balm herbs pour over with two deciliter of water, let it stand a few minutes and then enjoy its intoxicating scent and taste.

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