It is multiple healthy, and because of the abundance of vitamin C is very useful in fighting against viruses.


One of the biggest complaints to the cabbage is that causes bloating, but the main reason for that is its cooking. By cooking cabbage loses many healing properties, so it is recommended to be eaten in raw form or eventually steam cooked.

The great advantage of the cabbage is its low-calorie – medium-sized cup of chopped cabbage has just 22 calories. So, it is not surprising the popularity of so-called cabbage diet that supposedly gives great results. With this diet, only in one week, can be lost in average 7 kg. During this period, every day is eating cabbage soup. Except that it helps to burn calories, this diet cleanses the body of toxins and fats, and despite of weight loss, a person does not feel fatigue or lack of strength.

If you have problems with your complexion, acne, lichens and some types of eczema, you can mitigate them with compresses from cabbage leaves or lotion that contains juice of fresh cabbage. The use of cabbage in cosmetics is based on the same principle by which cabbage healing effect on the mucous membrane of the digestion organ.



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