And with the cold, you will lose the company, here’s why …

Is generally believed that garlic and brandy cure everything. And it’s probably true, at least when it comes to garlic.

This was confirmed by world scientists. The research which results are published in the journal “Journal of Nutrition” found that consumption of meals with five grams of raw and chopped garlic, or two cloves of garlic, drastically fast, even for only three hours, activates the genes involved in the production of white blood cells that boost the immune system of the person.


Scientists can not reliably confirm that garlic which activate these genes will so quickly rid you of the cold, but previous studies have confirmed this assumption. The respondents who consumed garlic, get sick more rarely, and cold symptoms passed faster than to those who did not eat garlic.

It is, they say, because the selenium, some enzymes and vitamin C in the garlic.

So if you have a cold, try this, it can not hurt you. Nibble fresh garlic, or put it in some salad, drink a cup of yogurt with it, etc.


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