Treatment of muscular dystrophy with butter

Treatment of muscular dystrophy with butter

It is important to remember that, in addition to drug treatments and follow-up, the doctor-neurologist, you must also use traditional remedies. One of the most effective is massaging the muscles with butter.
Preparation of butter is very simple: fresh milk left for several days in the refrigerator, remove the tops and make butter. You can rub the tops themselves not older than three days.Rub the butter carefully and copiously, and then wrap the patient in a sheet, cover with a blanket and allow resting for an hour.
Massage made on this principle: 20 minutes rubbing butter in the back and spine; 5 minutes – in the hip (upward); 5 minutes – in the shin; then you need to rub butter in the thigh and lower leg in front.This massage should be done before noon. Carry it through the day, treatment should be done 20 days. The patient needs to repeat this three times with break between which also is 20 days.
During a break between treatments patients are recommended every day, to eat a good pair of cooked chicken legs with paws. Chicken meat is very useful for patients with muscular dystrophy. It is also useful every day to eat 2 eggs bull.

Treatment of muscular dystrophy with oats

Treatment of muscular dystrophy with oatsThe main drink for patients with muscular dystrophy should be tasty and healthy oat brew. But it must be properly prepared: a half-liter jar of selected grains of oats were washed three times and poured into a three-liter jar. There add 3 tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of citric acid and pour water. Kvass is left for 3 days, after which the drink is ready for use. It is drained, add the jar 3 tablespoons of sugar, pour the water back and insist a new batch of kvass.
Patients need to constantly eat oats and millet porridge: So muscles are gaining strength. From oatmeal can also cook pancakes, soup and other foods. The emphasis should be on foods rich in vitamin B.

Treatment of muscular dystrophy with eggshells

Treatment of muscular dystrophy with eggshellsA good popular recipe for the treatment of muscular dystrophy is the use of the eggshell. To do this, take the eggs of good, healthy chickens, wash them carefully with soap and water, split, dried shells and mulled it into flour. Such pour the flour on a plate, dripping to the lemon juice (1 drop – per year of life), collect the resulting lumps and eat them every day on an empty stomach and at bedtime. The duration of treatment is 20 days. Eggshell is absorbed by the body due to the lemon juice.

Treatment of retinal dystrophy with goat’s milk

Treatment of retinal dystrophy with goat's milkThis is a simple and effective folk prescription treatment of retinal dystrophy. Mixed fresh goat milk
whey with water in the same proportion and instill one drop in the eye. Then close your eyes and rest bandage in dark for about 30 minutes, without straining your eyes and without moving them. The procedure should be repeated every day for one week. As a result, vision becomes clearer, and the lens is gaining strength, which prevents retinal detachment.
It is also useful to drink a decoction of pine needles, rose hips and onion peel. The ingredients are ground and mixed in a ratio of 5:2: 2 (per unit charge tablespoon). The mixture is then poured a liter of water and boil on low heat for 10 minutes. The broth is cooled, filtered and taken daily half a liter a day.
The duration of treatment is 1 month, but if necessary it can be repeated.

Treatment of retinal dystrophy with herbs

Treatment of retinal dystrophy with herbsIt is often accompanied by retinal degeneration glaucoma – increased intraocular pressure.A good remedy for this disease is a decoction of cumin. Tablespoon of plant seeds pour 200 ml of boiling water and boil on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then, in broth poured a teaspoon of flowers of cornflower, mixed and allowed it to stand for 5 minutes. Medicine filtered through cotton with gauze and instilled into the eyes of a pair of drops twice a day.
In the treatment of macular degeneration can also use this infusion of gadgets: third cup of nettle leaves and a teaspoon of lily of the valley poured a glass of water and leave for 8-9 hours in a dark place. After this infusion add a half teaspoon of baking soda. From the received medication twice daily make lotions for the eyes. Best infusion is prepared from plants collected in May.

Treatment of retinal dystrophy with celandine

Treatment of retinal dystrophy with celandineNight blindness is one of the first signs of macular degeneration. Treat it celandine, which can be bought at a pharmacy or collect and dry yourself. Eye drops should be prepared as follows: in the cup poured a teaspoon of crushed celandine and pour 100 ml of water. The mixture is boiled for a few seconds on low heat, then close lid and cooled. Then the medication is necessary to filter through the dense layer of bandage or gauze and pour into a glass bottle. The drops store in the refrigerator they will last for a couple of days. Use drops thrice daily to each eye should drop 3 drops. The duration of treatment is one month, and then makes a break for 30 days and repeats the procedure.

Good folk remedy for night blindness is also a cornflower blue. Teaspoon of flowers poured in a glass of boiling water and allows infusing for about an hour. Then filter the infusion and drink half an hour before eating a quarter cup.


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