The cleaning of the bathroom is frequently an undesirable and difficult task so we would all rather avoid it, or delay it, a minimum of, if possible.

Specifically, the cleaning of the grout and tiles from mildew and dirt is frequently too difficult, but industrial cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemicals which endanger our health.

Yet, we will expose the recipe of a natural reliable cleaning agent which will trigger no side-effects:


You will need:

— Liquid soap

— 1 cup

— White vinegar

— 1 cup

— An empty spray bottle

— A tidy cloth



You need to warm the white vinegar for 3 minutes, then pour it into the spray bottle. Then, pour the liquid soap, and shake well to mix all the components.

Next, you ought to spray the mix from the bottle on the bathroom tiles and all surface areas that have to be cleaned up. Leave the mixture to act for a minute, then simply clean the surface area with the cloth.

The exact same mix can be used to tidy and decontaminate the porcelain toilets and sinks.

This will leave your bathroom glossy, tidy, and smelling fresh!


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