A wave of strange deaths continues to pester specialists in the field of holistic medicine, consisting of chiropractic doctors, herbalists and other alternative healers, with the current casualty involving a certified chiropractic specialist who likewise worked as a full-time teacher. Dr. Rod Floyd, Partner Teacher and Faculty-Clinician with the Palmer College of Chiropractic at the Port Orange, Fla. campus, had actually simply commemorated he and his wife’s 37th wedding anniversary, when he abruptly died in his house late last month.

Wave of Holistic Doctor Deaths Continues, as Florida chiropracter suddenly dies despite being 'hearty and healthy'

His death occurred when Dr. Floyd and his wife were sitting outdoors in their backyard one night, enjoying the full moon and chatting. She went inside for a moment, when she returned, she discovered her hubby had actually passed away in his chair, according to Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News, who is likewise a good friend of chiropractic doctor.

Dr. Floyd’s other half stated her hubby was “hearty and healthy,” and that buddies of theirs had just visited with him a day or two prior to his death at a holistic health fair. “Everyone is shocked and saddened, as he was healthy, in shape, therefore much of his life was about health; sharing his vast understanding with others, and teaching students at Palmer College to go on and share that understanding as chiropractic doctors,” composed Elizabeth.

Another ‘healthy’ holistic physician found dead

In July 2015, we reported on a string of mysterious deaths and disappearances involving 7 natural health doctors throughout Fla., consisting of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, a distinguished doctor understood for his suspicion of immunizations and his progressive autism research study. His death was ruled a suicide after his body was discovered drifting in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot injury to the chest. However, his death was thought about suspicious for several factors, including the reality that shooting oneself in the chest is a highly uncommon method to commit suicide.

Cases including dead or missing doctors now number in the dozens (click here for a more thorough list of them). While we at first presumed the string of deaths might be connected to experimental treatments involving a naturally happening molecule called GcMAF, which has the potential to be a universal remedy for cancer and autism, to name a few conditions, Elizabeth has another theory.

Another commonality in between the dead or missing holistic doctors is their use of thermography, a non-invasive strategy utilizing Digital Infrared Imaging to spot suspicious indications of bust cancer. The technology “is based on the concept that metabolic activity and vascular blood circulation in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding an establishing breast cancer is usually higher than in regular bust tissue.

“In an ever-increasing need for nutrients, cancerous tumors increase circulation to their cells by holding open existing capillary, opening inactive vessels, and developing new ones (neoangiogenesis). This process often leads to an increase in regional surface temperature levels of the bust.”

Examining thermography

Though thermography is legal, and not unusual, it’s still somewhat frowned upon by the medical facility– mainly since, like other non-harmful and less rewarding treatments, it can securely identify cancer early on. And as we’ve reported previously, there is no cash in a cure for cancer. The pharma industry can only earn considerable earnings through costly and lasting treatments.

“Some popular doctors have actually gotten in difficulty with the feds by even so much as suggesting thermography as a safe option,” Elizabeth composed. “I am worried nevertheless, about medical professionals who are doing thermography in their workplaces. The powers that be don’t like ‘alternative’ treatments like thermography, although it’s been around for lots of decades.”

VIDEO: Wave of holistic doctor deaths continues, as Florida chiropractor suddenly dies despite being ‘hearty and healthy’

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