We present you a natural solution if you have bacteria in the stomach.

Figs in olive oil are the best remedy for bacteria in the stomach. Put in the glass jar 40 pieces of dried figs and then pour them with real traditional unrefined olive oil. Figs can be cut into 4 sections to better release the medicinal ingredients in the olive oil.

Such mixed mixture should be kept 40 days, after which you can use it. Every morning you should take one fig on an empty stomach.

It is desirable to take also a small spoon of olive oil in which the figs are staying.

To cure more efficiently you need to synchronize your diet to the treatment. Eat cooked lighter food without too much spices, especially hot. Do not eat sour. Avoid fatty meats especially processed meat products.


Fresh figs are an excellent source of polyphenolic antioxidants and flavonoids, also have high level of vitamins A, E, K that help the body to throw free radicals, thereby protecting the body from injury and infection. Fresh as well as dried figs contain significant levels of vitamin B complex, such as niacin, pyridoxine, folate and pantothenic acid.


It contains important vitamins B group, vitamin C and beta-carotene. From minerals it contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper. The amount of magnesium in dry fruits of figs is three times higher than in fresh. That’s why dried figs are an important source of this mineral necessary for maintaining muscles, blood vessels, nerve cells … .In the coast and in the continental areas where figs grow, people use the leaf or “the milk” that let the petiole when a leaf or green fruit is break off from the tree, for the removal of all skin imperfections.

The dairy liquid is applying on the stains, spots, keratoses, acne, eczema, various moles and any growths on the skin, places with psoriatic changes. And all claim that the fig clean any stain, and removes the “relief” moles and is first cure for warts.

Pharmacists made of fig leaf (cold-pressed oil, corn germ and yarrow) natural soaps for skin, creams, anti-aging creams and elixir.

It was shown that the leaves act antidiabetic, and except reducing the sugar, they reduce triglycerides in the blood, the bones are held in good condition, help in reducing high blood pressure, treat ulcers, hemorrhoids, constipation, bronchitis. Elixir looks complex, it regulates all functions of the organism, normalizes metabolism, so it is recommended to diabetics and people with higher body weight, as a preventive measure for maintaining good health.

Make a tincture

Tincture of fig leaves and ice cubes for washing the face can be made at home, and here’s how:

Pick 20 leaves of figs, wash them, put in the water and cook them for half an hour. Then cool and strain. Put in a glass bottle and drink three tablespoons of it twice a day or place it on the face and neck. Pour part of it into the ice bag, frozen and shower the face.


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